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Nationally and internationally recognized carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumor (NET) specialists are indicated by light blue shading in the physician's listing. Click here to read about how doctors get included on the list.

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United States


Herbert Chen, MD (Surgical Oncology, General Surgery)
Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
2000 6th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
Tel: 205-934-3229 (appointments)
Tel: 205-934-3333 (administrative office)
Fax: 205-934-0135

Dr. Chen and his research laboratory staff investigate the development, progression, and treatment of endocrine tumors including gastrointestinal carcinoids, thyroid cancer, adrenal cancer, and pancreatic islet cell tumors. They are focusing on the role of cellular signaling pathways in the differentiation and growth of neuroendocrine tumors including carcinoid, pancreatic islet cell, pheochromocytoma, and medullary thyroid cancer.



Michael J. Demeure, MD, MBA (Endocrine Surgery)
Director and Clinical Professor, Rare Cancer Unit, Rare Cancer Program
TGen Research Institute
9475 E. Ironwood Square, Suite 102
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Tel: 480-397-9080
Boris G. Naraev, MD, PhD, FACP (Medical Oncology)
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center - Mesa
1400 S. Dobson Road
Mesa, AZ 85202
Tel: 480-256-6444 (Gilbert)
Tel: 480-412-3808 (Mesa)
Fax: 480-256-4607 (Gilbert), 480-412-8754 (Mesa)

Dr. Naraev has clinical and research interests in neuroendocrine tumors.  He takes care of patients with different types of neuroendocrine tumors of any location.

Ramesh K. Ramanathan, MD (Medical Oncology)
Vice Chair, Research, Department of Hematology/Oncology
Mayo Clinic
13400 E. Shea Boulevard Department of Hematology/Oncology
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Tel: 480-301-8335
Fax: 480-301-4675

Dr. Ramanathan specializes in new drug development and phase 1 clinical trials for patients with advanced carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumors.

William J. Rappoport, MD (Cardiologist)
Arizona Heart Institute
2632 N 20th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Tel: 602-266-2200
Fax: 602-604-5032


Emily Bergsland, MD (Gastrointestinal Oncology)
UCSF Comprehensive Cancer
1600 Divisidaro Street 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94115
Tel: 415-353-9888 (New Patients)
Fax: 415-353-9931

Dr. Bergsland specializes in clinical trials.

Anton J. Bilchik, MD, PhD (Surgical Oncology)
Medical Director
California Oncology Research Institute
2336 Santa Monica Boulevard #206
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Tel: 310-696-0716
Fax: 310-696-0724
George A. Fisher Jr, MD (Medical Oncology)
Physician Leader, GI Oncology Disease Management Group
Director, Cancer Clinical Trials Office
Associate Professor, Med Center Line
Member, Stanford Cancer Institute
Stanford Cancer Center
875 Blake Wilbur Drive MC 5826
Stanford, CA 94305
Tel: 650-725-9057
Fax: 650-736-4167

Dr. Fisher’s research program focuses on clinical trials involving new investigational agents for the treatment of a wide range of cancers. Active clinical trials include studies involving doxorubicin and taxol and agents that reverse resistance to these drugs, such as PSC 833.

Anthony Heaney, MD (Endocrinology)
Director, Pituitary Tumor and Neuroendocrine Program
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA
Tel: 310-794-7555 or 310-825-5874 or 310-825-7922

Voted Best Doctor 2009-2010

Joel Randolph (Randy) Hecht, MD (Medical Oncology, Gastroenterology)
Professor of Clinical Medicine, Department of Medicine, Hematology/Oncology, Gastrointestinal Oncology
Director, UCLA Gastrointestinal Oncology Program
UCLA Health
2020 Santa Monica Blvd. #600
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel: 310-829-5471
Fax: 310-582-6322

Dr. Hecht is an internationally known clinical and translational researcher in the field of gastrointestinal cancers. He has published widely on the molecular biology, early detection, and treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies. He has both clinical and research interests in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors of the GI tract and works closely with UCLA surgeons, interventional radiologists, gastroenterologists, and endocrinologists as part of a multi-disciplinary group. He was the UCLA Principal Investigator (PI) for 4 NET trials (All 3 RADIANT trials and one IMC-A12) and has been the UCLA Principal Investigator for more than 30 trials and overall PI for 14 multicenter (both US only and international) phase II and phase III trials.

Pamela L. Kunz, MD (Medical Oncology)
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology)
Member, Stanford Cancer Institute
Stanford University Medical Center, Medical Oncology
875 Blake Wilbur Drive MC 5826
Stanford, CA 94305
Tel: 650-498-6000 (Clinic)
Fax: 650-736-4167 (Clinic)

Dr. Kunz specializes in the treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies with an expertise in the care of patients with neuroendocrine tumors.  She has developed broad investigative programs in the field of neuroendocrine tumors, encompassing clinical trials, population sciences, and translational correlates.  She is the Principal Investigator on numerous Phase I, II and III clinical trials.  She currently serves on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Neuroendocrine Tumors Guidelines Panel, the NCI Neuroendocrine Tumor Taskforce, and the NANETS Guidelines and Executive Committees. 

Eric K. Nakakura, MD, PhD (GI Surgical Oncology)
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
1600 Divisidaro Street A724
San Francisco, CA 94143-1932
Tel: 415-353-9846 (Clinical Appointments)
Fax: 415-353-9695
Jeffrey A. Norton, MD (Surgical Oncology)
Chief, Surgical Oncology
Stanford University, Department: Surgery - General Surgery
300 Pasteur Drive Room H3591
Stanford, CA 94305-5641
Tel: 650-723-5461 or 650-724-3009
Fax: 650-736-1663

Stanford Cancer Center

Michael S. Tanaka, Jr, MD (Hematology and Oncology)
Associate Professor
University of California Davis Cancer Center
4501 X Street Suite 3016
Sacramento, CA 95817
Tel: 916-734-3771
Fax: 916-734-7946

Works with Dr. Richard Warner, NYC

Run Yu, MD, PhD (Endocrinology)
Co-Director, Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Center
Associate Professor, UCLA
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
127 S. San Vicente Boulevard, 6th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel: 310-423-2830 (appointments)
Tel: 310-423-4774 (administrative office)
Fax: 310-423-2819

Dr. Yu's clinical interest is neuroendocrine tumors of any kind.  His research interests are pathogenesis of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, natural history of pheochromocytoma, familial neuroendocrine tumor syndromes, and rare neuroendocrine cell lesions.


Allen L. Cohn, MD (Medical Oncology)
Medical Director of Research
Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
1800 Williams Street
Denver, CO 80218
Tel: 303-388-4876
Fax: 303-377-8375

As of June 2015, Dr. Cohn is working with Dr. Eric Liu to build a new Neuroendocrine Tumor Center in Denver based out of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers’ Midtown location and in conjunction with HealthONE’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Comments:  "He is outstanding and works with the guys in LA all the time." KH, Colorado

Nicholas J. DiBella, MD (Medical Oncology)
Chairman, US Oncology, Hematology Research Committee
Chairman of the Board, Colorado Cancer Research Program
President, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
1700 S. Potomac
Aurora, CO 80012
Tel: 303-418-7600
Fax: 303-750-3137

Comments:  "In September 2006, Dr. Nick DiBella gave me my 25 year survival pin for having carcinoid with liver metastases for 25 years.  Perhaps I can give hope to other carcinoid patients by telling my story."  Marilyn Thurston, Pueblo, CO

Read Marilyn's inspiring story here.

Eric Liu, MD (Surgical Oncology)
Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
1800 Williams Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80218
Tel: 303-388-3876 (office)
Tel: 303-388-4876 (appointments)

An internationally recognized surgeon, Dr. Liu specializes in neuroendocrine tumors. He completed a fellowship at Uppsala University in Sweden under Dr. Kjell Oberg, considered one of the pioneers of neuroendocrine research, and was responsible for establishing the first clinical trial in the United States for the Gallium 68 PET/CT, an important tool in diagnosing patients with NET. Dr. Liu was previously at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he established a Neuroendocrine Center. He and medical oncologist Dr. Allen Cohn will be heading up a new Neuroendocrine Tumor Center in Denver based out of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers’ Midtown location and in conjunction with HealthONE’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Diana C. Medgyesy, MD (Medical Oncology)
Front Range Cancer Specialists
1501 S. Lemay Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Tel: 970-212-7600
Fax: 970-212-7837


Comments: "After reading (on the carcinoid ACOR list) some of the horror stories about clueless medical staff I've gained an even greater appreciation of Dr. Medgyesy's professional skills.  She isn't a carcinoid specialist per se, but knew of the disease." Woody Hesselbarth

Charles W. Nutting, DO (Interventional Radiology)
Radiology Imaging Associates
10700 E. Geddes Street Suite 200
Englewood, CO 80112
Tel: 303-761-9190

Areas of interest:  Chemoembolization, Radiofrequency Ablation, Theraspheres, Sirspheres

The Neuroendocrine Center at P/SL (Multidisciplinary Center)
Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center
1719 East 19th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
Tel: 303-388-4876

The Neuroendocrine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke's has a highly specialized multidisciplinary team of experts who have the experience, knowledge and leading-edge technology to make the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.


Jeff Geschwind, MD (Interventional Radiology)
Chief of Yale Diagnostic Radiology
New Haven, CT
Irvin M. Modlin, MD, DSc, FRCS, FACS (Gastrointestinal/General Surgery)
Professor of Surgery (Gastrointestinal)
Yale Surgery (mailing address)
PO Box 208062
New Have, CT 06520-8062
Tel: 203-785-5429, Appointment phone 203-785-5429
Fax: 203-737-4067
Wajih Zaheer Zaheer, MD (Medical Oncology)
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology)
Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven
35 Park Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Tel: 203-453-9192
Fax: 203-453-0875

Comments: Works with Dr. Richard Warner, NYC


P. Mark Bloomston, MD (Surgical Oncology)
21st Century Oncology
4571 Colonial Boulevard, Suite 210
Fort Myers, FL 33966
Tel: 239-333-0995
Fax: 844-615-5267

Dr. Bloomston's clinical interests focus on the management of cancers of the liver, biliary tree, and pancreas as well as neuroendocrine cancers.  Research in these areas include clinical trials, outcomes analysis, and molecular correlative studies. Basic science research deals with the role of microRNAs in pancreatic cancer. He has authored over 150 articles and served on the NCI Neuroendocrine task force and the NCCN Hepatobiliary guidelines committee.

Douglas Faig, MD (Medical Oncology, Hematology)
Medical Director Medical Oncology
Southeast Florida Hematology Oncology Group
5700 N Federal Highway, Suite 5
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Tel: 954-786-6460 (Broward Health North)
Tel: 954-776-1800 (private practice)

Comments: Dr. Faig is caring for patients originally seen by Dr. Richard Waner, NYC, for consults and continues to communicate with Dr. Warner regarding specific problems.

Seza A. Gulec, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology/Radiology/Nuclear Medicine)
Professor of Surgery, Radiology/Nuclear Medicine
Surgical Oncology Director
Florida International University College of Medicine
11200 SW 8th Street HLS II 693
Miami, FL 33199
Tel: 786-693-0821

Comments:  Dr. Gulec is board certified in both surgery and nuclear medicine.  Dr. Gulec's clinical area of interest is surgery of endocrine/neuroendocrine tumors.  He collaborates with Dr. Richard Warner, NYC.

Jonathan R. Strosberg, MD (Medical Oncology)
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute
12902 Magnolia Drive
Tampa, FL 33612-9416
Tel: 813-745-7257

Research Interests:  Phase 2 trials in neuroendocrine cancers, specifically carcinoid and pancreatic endocrine tumors focusing on biologic targeted therapy

Clinical Interests:  Neuroendocrine malignancies, specifically carcinoid tumors and pancreatic endocrine (islet cell) tumors


Daniel William Dubovsky, MD (Oncology, Hematology)
Atlanta Cancer Care
5670 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Suite 1100
Atlanta, GA 30342
Tel: 404-851-2330
Fax: 404-851-2014



Al B. Benson III, MD (Medical Oncology)
Northwestern Medicine
675 N. St. Clair Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center, Galer Pavilion, 21st Floor, 100
Chicago, IL 60611
Tel: 312-695-0990 (for patients)
Fax: 312-695-1106

Comments:  Will only accept histologicall diagnosed carcinoid patients.

This doctor prefers to see new patients after discussing their care with their current physician.  Please have your physician contact the Northwestern Memorial Physician Access Line (PAL) at 800-638-3737.

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Faculty Profile

Thomas A. Farrell, MD (Interventional Radiology)
Co-Section Head, Vascular and Interventional Radiology
NorthShore University HealthSystem
2650 Ridge Avenue, Suite G507 Department of Radiology
Evanston, IL 60201
Tel: 847-570-2638
Fax: 847-733-5097

For interventional radiology only.  Dr. Farrell's practice with oncology patients includes performing bland embolization and yttrium radioembolization on NET cancer patients.

Riad Salem, MD, MBA (Interventional Radiology)
Northwestern University Medical School Department of Radiology
675 North St. Clair Street Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60611
Tel: 312-695-5753
Fax: 312-695-5645

Comments:  "Re: SirSpheres/Theraspheres procedures.  After much research, Dr. Salem appears to be one of the most experienced interventional radiologists in the nation with this procedure and from his writings has had excellent results." DF

Dr. Salem's assistant is Patricia Jackson, 312-695-5753.


James R. Howe V, MD (Surgical Oncology)
Co-Director, Neuroendocrine Cancer Clinic
Director, Division of Surgical Oncology and Endocrine Surgery
Medical Director, University of Iowa Tumor Registry
Professor of Surgery - Surgical Oncology and Endocrine Surgery
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242
Tel: 319-356-4200
Tel: 800-777-8442
M. Sue O'Dorisio, MD, PhD (Pediatric Oncology)
Director, Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program
University of Iowa Children's Hospital
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242-1009
Tel: 319-356-2296
Fax: 316-356-4855 (monitored weekdays)
Thomas O'Dorisio, MD (Endocrinology)
University of Iowa, Department of Internal Medicine
200 Hawkins Drive Room E 419 - GH
Iowa City, IA 52242
Tel: 319-353-7812
Fax: 319-353-7850

Clinical trials participation:  319-335-9580

Neuroendocrine Cancer Clinic, University of Iowa (Multidisciplinary Center)
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
200 Hawkins Drive Cancer Clinic, Pomerantz Pavilion
Iowa City, IA 52242
Tel: 319-356-4200

The Neuroendocrine Cancer Clinic at the University of Iowa provides experts who understand neuroendocrine tumors and work as a team to design the best treatment plan for patients. A typical team is made up of surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists, as well as social workers and nurses.


Lowell Anthony, MD, FACP (Medical Oncology)
Professor of Medicine
University of Kentucky, Division of Medical Oncology
800 Rose Street, CC401B Markey Cancer Center
Lexington, KY 40536-0093
Tel: 859-323-6522
Fax: 859-257-7715

Clinic appts:  866-340-4488

Edward M. Wolin, MD (Medical Oncology)
Director of the Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Program
Professor of Medicine
Markey Cancer Center
800 Rose Street Whitney-Hendrickson Building, First Floor
Lexington, KY 40536
Tel: 866-340-4488 (patient appointments)

As Director of Neuroendocrine and GI Oncology and Director of Clinical Research, Dr. Wolin brings a robust research program to Markey, including multiple clinical trials. His research efforts focus on finding treatments which are more effective and less toxic, including pasireotide, lanreotide, everolimus, other m-tor inhibitors, targeted radiation including peptide receptor radiotherapy with Lu-177, anti-angiogenic drugs, novel targeted biologic anti-cancer treatments, and targeted treatment of liver metastases. Dr. Wolin's research is also directed at development of new imaging and diagnostic procedures for carcinoid/neuroendocrine tumors.

For more information about the Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Program at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center, click here.


Effective December 28, 2015, Dr. Wolin will relocate his practice to Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care in Bronx, New York.  Appointments can be made with Dr. Wolin by calling 718-920-4321.

Markey Cancer Center Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Program (Multidisciplinary Center)
Markey Cancer Center
800 Rose Street Whitney-Hendrickson Building, First Floor
Lexington, KY 40536
Tel: 859-257-4488 (patient appointments)
Tel: 866-340-4488 (toll free, patient appointments)

The UK Markey Cancer Center is home to the region’s first multidisciplinary program dedicated to carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumors. Click here to download the Neuroendocrine Multidisciplinary Clinic brochure.


J. Phillip Boudreaux, MD, FACS (Neuroendocrine-Carcinoid Tumor Surgery, Transplant Surgery, General Surgery)
Professor of Surgery, Section of Surgical Oncoloyg
LSU Health Sciences Center
200 West Esplanade Suite 200
Kenner, LA 70065
Tel: 504-464-8500
Fax: 504-464-8525
Robert A. Ramirez, OD (Medical Oncology)
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, LSUHSC
LSU Health Sciences Center
200 West Esplanade, Suite 200
Kenner, LA 70065
Tel: 504-464-8500
Fax: 504-464-8525
Yi-Zarn Wang, MD, DDS, FACS (Surgical Oncology, General Surgery)
Associate Professor of Surgery, Section of Surgical Oncology
LSU Health Sciences Center
200 West Esplanade Suite 200
Kenner, LA 70065
Tel: 504-464-8500
Fax: 504-464-8525
Eugene A. Woltering, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology/Neuroendocrine - Carcinoid Tumor)
Section Chief of Surgical Oncology and Endocrine Surgery
The James D. Rives Professor of Surgery and Neuroscience
Director of Surgical Research
LSU Health Sciences Center
200 West Esplanade Suite 200
Kenner, LA 70065
Tel: 504-464-8500
Fax: 504-464-8525

Cell phone:  504-884-3555

Home phone:  504-468-8426

What prompted Dr. Woltering to become interested in carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumors?  Listen to Dr. Woltering talk about his days as a medical student at Ohio State and how that led to his passion as a physician:

Ochsner Neuroendocrine Tumor Program (Multidisciplinary Center)
200 West Esplanade Suite 200
Kenner, LA 70065
Tel: 504-464-8500
Fax: 504-464-8525

Click here for more information.


Sandy D. Kotiah, MD (Medical Oncology and Hematology)
Mercy Medical Center
227 St. Paul Place
Baltimore, MD 21202
Tel: 410-783-5858
Fax: 410-659-1030
Stephen J. Marx, MD (Endocrinologist, Internist, MEN-1 specialist)
MDBMetabolic Diseases Branch NIDDK, National Institute of Health
10 Center Drive Building 10, Room 9C103
Bethesda, MD 20892-1802
Tel: 301-496-5051
Fax: 301-496-0200

Research Statement: The Genetics and Endocrinology Section studies the genetic bases of primary hyperparathyroidism and its relations to other neoplastic disorders. We have cloned the gene for multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 and found that it is implicated in many non-hereditary tumors. This tumor suppressor gene encodes a novel protein, menin. We are studying the actions of menin protein by yeast two-hybrid, micro-array, knockout, and other approaches. We have identified an important interaction of menin with junD, a nuclear transcription factor.

Karel Pacak, MD, Ph.D., DSc (Endocrinology)
Senior Investigator, Section Medical Neuroendocrinology
National Institutes of Health
10 Center Dr. Room 1-3140, MSC 1109
Bethesda, MD 20892-1109
Tel: 301-402-4594
Fax: 301-402-0180

Dr. Pacak is an international expert on pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma and has put together this research protocol at the NIH. He is currently working as the Chief of Section on Medical Neuroendocrinology, NICHD.


Jennifer Chan, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)
Clinical Director, Program in Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumors
Senior Physician
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Ave
Boston, MA 02215
Tel: 617-632-6315 (office phone)
Tel: 877-332-4294 (appointment phone)
Fax: 617-632-5370

Dr. Chan has played a leading role in the development of novel neuroendocrine tumor therapies.  She has published many articles on treatment approaches for patients with pancreatic neuroendorine tumors or carcinoid tumors.  Dr. Chan has served as the principal investigator of several Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center clinical trials for patients with neuroendocrine tumors.

Matthew Kulke, MD, MMSc (Medical Oncology)
Director, Program in Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid Tumors, Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center
Senior Physician
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
44 Binney Street Dana 1220
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-632-5136
Fax: 617-632-5370

Comments: We have established a robust clinical and translational research program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, focused on neuroendocrine tumors. As part of our clinical research program, we evaluate over 200 neuroendocrine tumor patients annually and have studied numerous novel therapies for neuroendocrine tumor patients.

Keith D. Lillemoe, MD (Oncology Surgery)
Surgeon in Chief
Chief of Surgery
Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Surgery, WHT 506 55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 617-643-1010
Wasif M. Saif, MD (Hematology/Oncology)
Director, Gastrointestinal Oncology Program
Leader, Experimental Therapeutics Program
Tufts Medical Center, Cancer Center
800 Washington Street, Box 245
Boston, MA 02445
Tel: 617-636-5291 (new patient scheduling)
Tel: 617-636-6227 (scheduling for follow-up patients)
Fax: 617-636-8535

Dr. Saif is an internationally known clinical and translational researcher in the field of gastrointestinal cancers. He has published widely on the molecular biology, early detection, and treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies. He has both clinical and research interests in the treatment of GI cancers (liver, pancreas, biliary, colon, rectum, carcinoid, GIST, stomach, esophagus, anal) and works closely with Tufts surgeons, interventional radiologists, gastroenterologists, and endocrinologists as part of a multi-disciplinary group. In addition, he specializes in new drug development and phase 1 clinical trials for patients with advanced carcinoid and other GI tumors.

Keith E. Stuart, MD (Medical Oncology)
Lahey Clinic
41 Mall Road
Burlington, MA 01805
Tel: 781-744-8400
Fax: 781-744-5245
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Program in Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid Tumors (Multidisciplinary Center)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Ave
Boston, MA 02215
Tel: 617-632.-5136

In the Program in Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid Tumors at the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center a team of specialists use their expert knowledge in taking a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors. The team includes medical oncologists, surgical oncologist, nurses, social workers, and researchers. The most advanced treatments for neuroendocrine tumors are offered, including access to several clinical trials.



Philip Philip, MD (Gastrointestinal Oncology)
Leader of the Gastrointestinal and Neuroendocrine Multidisciplinary Team, Karmanos Cancer Center
Karmanos Cancer Center
4100 John R
Detroit, MI 48201
Tel: 1-800-KARMANOS (800-527-6266) appointments

Dr. Philip has extensive experience in conducting and participating in clinical trials of a variety of agents including those that treat carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumors.  He has a special interest in conducting research using drugs that target key cellular molecules. Dr. Philip also sees patients at the Lawrence and Idell Weisberg Canter Treatment Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


Heidi M. Connolly, MD (Cardiology)
Professor of Medicine
Mayo Clinic
200 First St. SW Cardiovascular Diseases Division
Rochester, MN 55905-0001
Tel: 507-284-2511

Interests include carcinoid and heart disease and pregnancy and heart disease.

Mayo Clinic website:


Edward Greeno, MD (Medical Oncology)
Professor of Medicine
Medical Director of the Hematology/Oncology Clinic at the University of Minnesota
Education Director for the Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation
University of Minnesota
420 Delaware St. SE Department of Hematology/Oncology, MMC 480
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Tel: 612-625-5411
Fax: 612-626-1441
Thorvardur R. Halfdanarson, MD (Medical Oncology)
Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
200 First Street SW
Rochester, MN 55905
Tel: 507-293-0487 (patient related)
Fax: 507-284-1803

Dr. Halfdanarson is very involved in NET research, both clinical trials and epidemiological studies.  His clinical interests include neuroendocrine malignancies, carcinoid tumors and pancreatic endocrine (islet cell) tumors, as well as other endocrine malignancies. Please note: Dr. Halfdanarson was previously at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and joined the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in July 2015.

David M. Nagorney, MD (Gastroenterologic and General Surgery)
Professor of Surgery
Mayo Clinic
200 First St. S.W. Department Gastroenterologic and General Surgery
Rochester, MN 55905
Tel: 507-538-3898 (appointments)
Patricia A. Pellikka, MD (Cardiovascular Diseases)
Professor of Medicine
Mayo Clinic
200 First St. S.W. Cardiovascular Diseases Division
Rochester, MN 55905
Tel: 507-538-3270 (appointments)
Fernando Quevedo, MD (Medical Oncology)
Assistant Professor of Oncology
Mayo Clinic
200 First St. S.W. Department Oncology
Rochester, MN 55905
Tel: 507-538-0673
Fax: 507-379-2059
Joseph Rubin, MD (Medical Oncology)
Professor of Oncology
Mayo Clinic
200 First St. S.W. Division of Medical Oncology
Rochester, MN 55905
Tel: 507-284-3903

Dr. Rubin's research interest is in gastrointestinal tumors with a particular interest in neuroendocrine cancers (carcinoid and islet cell tumors). He has worked with Intervention Radiology in evolving techniques for clinical care. In addition, there is collaborative work with the Oncology Laboratory to look for new treatments based on molecular/genetic properties of these tumors. His laboratory has worked nationally with pharmaceutical companies in development of new treatments for these patients. In addition to GI tumors, Dr. Rubin has been involved with most of the gene therapy trials at Mayo and continues to have an interest in developing new programs of treatment. He has been involved in Mayo's phase I drug development program for many years.

Timothy D. Sielaff, MD, PhD (Surgery, Medical Oncology, Hepatobiliary Surgery)
President, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute
Virginia Piper Cancer Institute
800 East 28th Street Liver and Pancreas Clinic
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Tel: 612-863-4633

New Jersey

Giuseppe Condemi, MD, PhD (Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine)
Gastroenterologist, Internal Medicine Doctor
Holy Name Medical Center
718 Teaneck Road Regional Cancer Center
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Tel: 1-877-465-9626
Robert J. Gialanella, MD (Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology)
Internal Medicine Doctor, Gastroenterologist
365 Broad Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701
Tel: 732-842-4294

New Mexico

Glenroy Heywood, MD (Surgical Oncology, General Surgery)
Surgical Oncology and Gastrointestinal Surgery Consultants
4901 Lang Avenue NE, Suite #202
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Tel: 505-200-3808
Fax: 505-200-3807

New York

Dimitri Alden, MD (Hepatobiliary Surgery, Surgical Oncology)
186 E. 76th Street
New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212-434-6216
Celia M. Divino, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology)
The Edelman Professor of Surgery
Chief, Division of General Surgery
Vice-Chair for Education & Quality
Program Director, General Surgery and Training Program
Mount Sinai Hospital
5 East 98th Street, 14th Floor, Box 1259
New York City, NY 10029
Tel: 212-241-3348
Fax: 212-241-5979
Hal Gerstein, MD (Medical Oncology)
Medical Oncologist
225 Community Drive, Suite 160
Great Neck, NY 11021
Tel: 516-482-4790
Fax: 516-773-3708
Steven Hochwald, MD (Surgical Oncology)
Chief of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Vice Chair of Department of Surgical Oncology
Professor of Oncology
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Elm & Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY 14263
Tel: 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355)
Fax: 716-845-8812

Dr. Hochwald’s research focuses on technical advances in minimally invasive GI surgery and developing new targets and agents for the treatment of pancreatic and other GI cancers.  In addition to having a busy clinical practice, he runs a laboratory program which focuses on pancreatic neuroendocrine malignancy.

Renuka Iyer, MD (Medical Oncology)
Assistant Professor
Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Department of Medical Oncology
Elm & Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY 14263
Tel: 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355)
Fax: 716-845-8935
David P. Kelsen, MD (Medical Oncology)
Chief, Gastrointestinal Oncology Service
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
1275 York Avenue, H-918 Gastrointestinal Oncology Department
New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212-639-8470
Tel: 646-497-9053 (appointments new patients)
Fax: 646-422-2017
Michelle K. Kim, MD (Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology)
Assistant Professor Medicine, Gastroenterologist
The Mount Sinai Medical Center
5 E. 98 Street Department of Medicine, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10029
Tel: 212-241-4299
Fax: 212-426-5099
Boris Kuvshinoff II, MD, MBA (Surgical Oncology)
Associate Professor, Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Department of Surgical Oncology
Elm & Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY
Tel: 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355)
Fax: 716-845-2320

Comments: Clinical research interests include laparoscopic liver resection, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of liver tumors, and multidisciplinary treatment of neuroendocrine (carcinoid) tumors.

Diane Reidy Lagunes, MD (Medical Oncology)
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
300 East 66th Street
New York, NY 10065
Tel: 646-888-4185
Tel: 646-497-9053 (new patient appointments)
Fax: 646-888-4257

Dr. Reidy Lagunes’ primary focus is treating patients with neuroendocrine, colorectal, pancreas, biliary, and other gastrointestinal cancers. Her research initiatives include developing methods to integrate molecular-based therapies into the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors, as well as designing and conducting clinical trials to better treatment strategies for our patients with this uncommon cancer type. At a national level, she is a member of the National Cancer Institute neuroendocrine tumor task force and the Neuroendocrine Tumor Biospecimen Consortium. These cooperative groups comprise a group of experts from around the world working to develop clinical trials and unravel the mechanisms that cause the development of neuroendocrine tumors.

Steven K. Libutti, MD (Surgical oncology)
Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery
Director, Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care
Professor, Department of Surgery
Montefiore Medical Center
3400 Bainbridge Avenue Greene Medical Arts Pavilion
Bronx, NY 10467
Tel: 718-920-4231
Fax: 718-798-0309

Dr. Libutti’s clinical practice is focused on the surgical management of patients with cancer and endocrine neoplasms. Dr. Libutti’s research, which began at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), focuses on the formation of new blood vessels, which nourish tumors, as well as the interaction between tumor cells, endothelial cells, and components of the tumor microenvironment that influence tumor growth, invasion and spread.

John S. Marino, MD (General and Family Practice)
General and Family Practioner
44 South Bayles Avenue
Port Washington, NY 11050
Tel: 516-883-0122
Jeffrey I. Mechanick, MD (Endocrinology)
Clinical Professor, Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease. Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Director of Metabolic Support Service, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
1192 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10128
Tel: 212-831-2100
Fax: 212-831-2137

D. Mechanick's clinical interests include thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, nutrition, parathyroid disease, neuroendocrinology, and endocrinology.  He currently serves as President of the Board of Directors, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), and is a member of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition - Science Board.

Michail Shafir, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology)
Clinical Professor of Surgery
1021 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10028
Tel: 212-534-6900
Richard R.P. Warner, MD (Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology)
Professor of Medicine
The Mount Sinai Medical Center
5 E. 98 Street Department of Medicine- Gastroenterology, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10029
Tel: 212-241-4299
Fax: 212-426-5099

Dr. Warner is known internationally as an expert in carcinoid and related neuroendocrine tumors (NETs).  Having been a pioneer in this field for half a century, he has vast experience in clinical practice and research in the diagnosis and management of these tumors and their syndromes.  He has written scores of papers, reviews, and textbook chapters and conducts a very active consultative practice for all carcinoids/NETs.  As a long-time voluntary faculty member he has been very involved in both teaching house staff and faculty colleagues as well as in clinical research.  His continuing carcinoid/NETs research project is the longest continuously IRB-approved project in the history of Mount Sinai School of Medicine – 50 years to the present.  Dr. Warner is currently a Clinical Professor of Medicine (Gastroenterology) at Mount Sinai and will continue all these activities in his new full-time position as Professor of Medicine (Gastroenterology).

Jerome S. Zacks, MD (Cardiology)
Assistant Clinical Professor Medicine, Cardiology
1120 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10128
Tel: 212-289-8400
Fax: 212-876-6307

Dr. Zacks has extensive experience caring for patients with carcinoid heart disease.  He is the founder of the Carcinoid Heart Center, located in New York City.

The Center for Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid Tumors, Mount Sinai Hospital (Multidisciplinary Center)
Mount Sinai Medical Center
1425 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10029
Tel: 212-241-5808

The Mount Sinai Center for Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid Tumors, directed by Richard R.P. Warner, MD, seeks to provide outstanding care for patients with these rare tumors. The mission of the Center is to provide a seamless, multidisciplinary approach to patient care with the collaboration of experts from fields including gastroenterology, oncology, surgery, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, and pathology.

North Carolina

Michael A. Morse, MD, MHS (Medical Oncology)
Medical Oncologist
Duke University Medical Center
25130 Morris Bldg DUMC 3233
Durham, NC 27710
Tel: 919-681-3480
Tel: 919-668-6688 (appointments)
Fax: 919-631-5228


Richard M. Goldberg, MD (Medical Oncology/Hematology)
Professor of Medicine
Associate Director of Outreach
The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
300 West 10th Avenue, Room 519 Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital
Columbus, OH 43210-1280
Tel: 614-366-6355
Fax: 614-293-3132

Comments:  Dr. Goldberg’s assistant is Regina Robinson-Easter, 614-366-6355,

Clinical Interests: Colorectal and other GI cancers, carcinoid and GI tract neuroendocrine tumors, new drug development, inherited predisposition to GI cancers

Research Interests:  Dr. Goldberg’s research focuses on four areas: 1) clinical studies in patients with GI cancers (principally colorectal cancer); 2) translational studies done on biologic specimens from patients with cancer done with laboratory collaborators; 3) development of new cancer drugs and drug combinations; and, 4) clinical trials methodology.

Rex B. Mowat, MD (Oncology)
Toledo Clinic
4235 Secor Road
Toledo, OH 43623
Tel: 419-479-5605
Tel: 800-527-6266 (Appointments)
Fax: 419-473-2049
Manisha Shah, MD (Medical Oncology)
Medical Oncologist
The Ohio State University
2050 Kenny Road The James at Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza
Columbus, OH 43221
Tel: 614-293-8629
Allan Siperstein, MD (Endocrine Surgery)
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, Mail Code F20
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44195
Tel: 216-445-1091 (desk)
Tel: 216-444-6568 (appointments)
R. Matthew Walsh, MD (Hepato- pancreato Biliary Surgery and liver transplant, Surgical Oncology)
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, Mail Code A100
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44195
Tel: 216-444-5914 (desk)
Tel: 216-444-6664 (appointments)


Rodney F. Pommier, MD (Surgical Oncology)
Professor of Surgery
Oregon Health & Science University, L619
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road Division of Surgical Oncology
Portland, OR 97239
Tel: 503-494-5501
Fax: 503-494-8884

Dr. Pommier comments on carcinoid crisis and surgery. Click here to read more. View a video from the New Jersey Carcinoid Network Conference where Dr. Pommier speaks about "Surgery for Neureondocrine Tumors: What Every Patient Should Know." Click here for Dr. Pommier's presentation.


Douglas L. Fraker, MD (Endocrine and Oncologic Surgery)
Endocrine Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist
University of Pennsylvania Health System
4 Silverstein Pavilion 3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tel: 215-662-7866
Tel: 215-615-5858 (appointments)
Fax: 215-662-3629
Harold A. Harvey, MD (Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine)
Medical Oncologist
Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute
500 University Drive
Hershey, PA 17033
Tel: 717-531-8678
Tel: 800-243-1455
Fax: 717-531-5076
David C. Metz, MD (Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine)
Professor of Medicine
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
3400 Civic Center Boulevard South Pavilion, 4th Fl
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tel: 800-789-7366
Michael C. Soulen, MD (Interventional Radiology, Radiology)
Professor of Radiology
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
51 N. 39th Street Division of Interventional Radiology, 4 Wright Saunders Bldg
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tel: 1-800-789-7366
Weijing Sun, MD (Hematology- Oncology)
Professor of Medicine
Director of GI Cancers Section of Hematology-Oncology
Co-Director of UPMC GI Cancer Center of Excellence, University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh, UPMC Cancer Pavilion
5150 Centre Avenue, Fifth Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Tel: 412-864-7764
Fax: 412-648-6579
Peter N. Waybill, MD (Cardiovascular & Interventional Radiology)
Vascular Radiologist
MSHMC Vascular & Interventional Radiology
500 University Drive
Hershey, PA 17033
Tel: 800-243-1455
Fax: 717-531-4445
The Penn Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment Program (Penn Medicine)
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tel: 800-789-PENN (7366)

The Penn Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment Program in Philadelphia is an interdisciplinary program centered on the diagnosis, staging and treatment of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs) and paragangliomas/pheochromocytomas (PHEOs). By treating both GEP-NETS and PHEOs, Penn has established itself as one of the only sites in the country with a unified program for both neuroendocrine tumor subtypes.  Click here to learn more about the program and the physicians who treat NET cancer patients.


Andrew Kennedy, MD, FACRO (Interventional Radiology)
Physician in Chief, Radiation Oncology, Sarah Cannon
Director, Radiation Oncology Research, Sarah Cannon Research Institute
Sarah Cannon Cancer Center
2410 Patterson Street, Basement Level
Nashville, TN 37203
Tel: 615-342-4850
Fax: 615-342-4901

Dr. Kennedy is an internationally renowned radiation oncologist specializing in gastrointestinal cancers, as well as cancers of the breast and lung.  Nationally, he serves as a member of the Board of Chancellors for the American College of Radiation Oncology and is a Fellow of the College. He has been selected yearly since 2009 as one of America's Best Doctors (top 5 percent of U.S.), and was inducted into Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Society as a faculty member in 1999.

Vanderbilt Neuroendocrine (Multidisciplinary Center)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
2220 Pierce Avenue, Suite 1710
Nashville, TN 37232
Tel: 877-936-8422 (appointments)

At the Vanderbilt Neuroendocrine Center, a multidisciplinary team cares for people with diseases of the neuroendocrine system including carcinoid tumors, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors and adrenocortical carcinoma. 


Jaffer A. Ajani, MD (Medical Oncology)
Medical Oncologist
MD Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd
Houston, TX 77030
Tel: 713-792-2828
Fax: 713-745-1163
Michael A. Choti, MD, MBA (Surgical Oncology)
Chairman of Surgery
Hall and Mary Lucile Shannon Distinguished Chair in Surgery
1st Surgeon-in-Chief of William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital (opening in 2014)
UT Southwestern Medical Center
5323 Harry Hines Boulevard Department of Surgery
Dallas, TX 75390-9159
Tel: 214-648-5865

Research interests include experimental therapeutics, investigative therapy in gastrointestinal malignancies, molecular genetics related to cancer and cancer biology, clinical research in outcomes, and an interest in surgical innovation, computer-assisted surgery, and robotics in cancer therapy.  Read more

Ebrahim S. Delpassand, MD, FACNM (Nuclear Medicine)
Chairman and Medical Director
Excel Diagnostics and Nuclear Oncology Center
9701 Richmond Ave, Ste, 122
Houston, TX 77042
Tel: 713-781-6200
Fax: 713-781-6206

Principle Investigator of FDA authorized Investigational New Drug (IND):

1. High activity In-11 Octreotide PRRT

2. Lu-177 Octreotate PRRT

3. Ga-68 Octreotate PET/CT

4. Multicenter trial of Lu-177 Octreotate therapy for midgut carcinoid sponsored by Advanced Accelerator Application (AAA).

Dr. Delpassand's extensive experience includes the disciplines of therapeutic nuclear medicine, Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT), monoclonal antibody imaging and positron emission tomograpy (PET).


Alexandria T. Phan, MD (Hematology, GI Medical Oncology)
Methodist Cancer Center
6445 Main Street, OPC 21, P21-341
Houston, TX 77030
Tel: 713-441-9948
Fax: 713-793-1642

Dr. Phan is recognized as a world expert in adrenal and neuroendocrine cancers. She specializes in gastrointestinal cancers as well as rare endocrine cancers. Dr. Phan has treated 500+ carcinoid/NET patients over the span of her career as a physician.  Her most recent tenure includes 12 years as an Associate Professor at MD Anderson. In 2013, she joined the new Houston Methodist Cancer Center as head of the GI Oncology section to lead and develop Houston Methodist’s gastrointestinal and rare cancers program, including a multidisciplinary team to care for NET cancer patients.  She has earned multiple educational awards from residency and fellowship training programs, as well as from cancer institutions.  She has extensive experience with clinical trials in carcinoid and other neuroendocrine tumors.

Rajkumar Venkatramani, MD (Pediatric Oncology/Hematology)
Director, Rare Tumors Program, Texas Children's Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine
Texas Children's Hospital
6701 Fannin Street Suite 1510
Houston, TX 77030
Tel: 832-822-4582

Dr. Venkatramani is the Director of the Rare Tumors Program at Texas Children's Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine.  He is in the process of developing a pediatric neuroendocrine tumor registry for North America.

James C. Yao, MD (Medical Oncology)
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Boulevard
Houston, TX 77030
Tel: 800-392-1611
Tel: 713-792-6161

Comments: by Dr. Yao

We are leading the development of RAD001 trials. We have completed accrual to the MDA single institution trial. There are three large multi-institution Novartis sponsored trials.

1. Phase II study in islet cell carcinoma after chemotherapy (either progression while on chemo or progression anytime after completion of 3 courses of chemo). This study is open.
2. Phase III study in carcinoid to open probably in January
3. Phase III study in islet cell (prior chemo not required) to open later in 2007
We have sent patient (sic) to Rotterdam for LU177 octreotate before as well.
Patient needs to be seen for screening to make sure that they are eligible. There are a number of tests required by the Rotterdam group for the referral process. Dr.Yao's specialty is in clinical trials.


Robert C. Blackwood, MD (Primary care and emergency medicine)
Primary Care Physician
Family Medicine Center
1201 Lake James Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Tel: 757-523-0022
Fax: 757-523-5018
Paul R. Conkling, MD (Medical Oncology, Hematology)
Virginia Oncology Associates
5900 Lake Wright Drive
Norfolk, VA 23502
Tel: 757-466-8683
Fax: 757-213-5600
Mark McClanahan, MD (Internal Medicine, Endocrinology)
10711 Spotsylvania Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Tel: 540-891-5350
Frederick C. Tucker, Jr, MD (Oncology, Hematology)
Fredericksburg Oncology
111 Park Hill Drive, Suite B
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Tel: 540-368-0500
Fax: 540-368-0618
Aaron I. Vinik, MD, PhD, FCP, MACP (Endocrinology)
Professor and Vice Chairman for Research
EVMS Strelitz Diabetes Center
855 W. Brambleton Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23510
Tel: 757-446-5912
Tel: 757-446-5908 (appointments)
Fax: 757-446-5975


Eric M. Feldman. MD (Oncology, Hematology, Internal Medicine)
Medical Oncologist
Group Health Cooperation Medical Center
201 16th Avenue East, Suite CMB5
Seattle, WA 98112
Tel: 206-326-3119
Fax: 206-326-2010

ENETS Centers of Excellence (multidisciplinary centers)

ENETS, the European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society, Centers of Excellence afford neuroendocrine tumor patients the opportunity to work with specialists who can best treat them and they also unify “the care and research being conducted in the NET field across Europe.”  Since the first hospitals were identified for this program in 2008, the ENETS Centers of Excellence program has grown to 26 centers throughout Europe in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.  Click here to read more and find a list of Centers by country.


Fabiana Marmissole, MD (Oncology)
Medical Oncologist
ARGNETUM (Argentine Group od Neuroendocrine Tumors)
69 786
1900 La Plata
Tel: +54 221-452-7158
Fax: +54 221-483-7484


Australian NET Doctors (Oncology, Surgery, Nuclear Medicine)

With special thanks to The Unicorn Foundation for providing this NET Specialist Registry.

Western Australia

J. Harvey Turner, MD, FRACP (Interventional Radiology)
Medical Doctor
Fremantle Hospital and Department of Medicine
P.0.Box 480 Department of Nuclear Medicine
Fremantle WA 6160, WA
Tel: +61 (08) 9431-3333


Carlos Pinto, MD, MBA (Medical Oncology)
CEO, Medical Oncologist
Instituto de Oncologia do Vale
Rue Major Antonio Domingues, 472
Centro, 12.245-750 - São José dos Campos - SP
Tel: +55 123924-9055
Fax: +55 123924-9052
Carlos F. Pinto, MD, MBA (Medical Oncology)
Head of Oncology at Hospital Regional do vale do Paraiba - HRVP
CEo at Instituto de Oncologia do Vale
Instituto de Oncologia do Vale
Rua Major Antonio Domingues, 494
Sao Jose dos Campos
Tel: +55 12 39249055

Dr. Pinto's specialties include medical oncology; health care administration; cancer programs and projects: planning and development.

Riad N.Younes, MD,PhD (Surgical Oncology)
Medical Doctor
Hospital do Cancer AC Camargo,
R. Prof Antonio Prudente, 211
Sa˜o Paulo, SP 01509 – 010



Janice Pasieka, MD, FRCSC, FACS (Surgical Oncology, General Surgery)
Clinical Professor of Surgery and Oncology
Regional Division Chief in General Surgery
University of Calgary
1403, 29th St. NW
Calgery, AB T2N2T9
Tel: 403-670-2491
Fax: 403-283-4130

British Columbia

David M. Liu, MD (Interventional Radiology)
Unversity of British Columbia, Vancouver General Hospital
757 Westwood Plaza, Suite 3-2125, 855 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
Tel: 604-875-4111, ext. 68612
Tel: 604-875-5776 (appointments)
Fax: 604-875-5498

Specialist in Yttrium 90 treatment for liver metastases, radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, chemoembolization, diagnostic imaging and response.


Walter Kocha, MD (Oncology)
Associate Professor in Oncology and Medicine
London Health Sciences Center
800 Commissioners Road East. P.O.Box 5010
London, ON N6A5W9
Tel: 519-685-8640
Tel: 519-685-8500
Fax: 519-685-8624
Richard Malthaner, MD (Surgical Oncology)
Assistant Professor
University of Western Ontario
Kresge Building, Rm K201 Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
London, ON N6A5C1
Tel: 519-667-6835
Fax: 519- 667-6762
Robert H. Reid, MD (Nuclear Medicine, Radiologist)
Associate Professor Department of Nuclear Medicine
Department of Nuclear Medicine
375 South Street
London, ON N6A4G5
Tel: 519-667-6566
Juan Rivera, MD, FACE (Endocrinology and Metabolism)
Assistent Professor of Medicine
Medical Director McGill Neuroendocrine Tumor Program
Montreal General Hospital
1650 Cedar Av., Office C6240
Montreal, ON H3G1A4
Tel: 514-934-1934, ext. 34662
Tel: 514-934-8335
Fax: 514-843-2838
Simron Singh, MD (Medical Oncology)
Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
2075 Bayview Avenue, Room T2-047
Toronto, ON M4N 3MS
Tel: 416-480-4928
Fax: 416-480-6002

Dr. Singh's research interests include neuroendocrine carcinomas as well as population health and cancer care utilization discrepancies. Currently Dr. Singh is co-director of a newly established multidisciplinary specialized neuroendocrine clinic at the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Center in Toronto, one of the first of its kind in the region. He is involved in numerous activities in the area of neuroendocrine cancer including the role of Ki-67 as a prognostic marker and the utilization of healthcare resources in the diagnosis and treatment of NET patients. Dr. Singh is the provincial lead of person- centered care and the patient experience at Cancer Care Ontario.  He is interested in understanding the NET patient journey from both a patient as well as payer and healthcare provider perspective.  He is currently running educational programs for NETs patients as well as for healthcare providers.


Peter Metrakos, MD (General Surgery and Transplant Surgery)
Associate Professor of Surgery
Director of Multi-Organ Transplantation, MUHC
Royal Victoria Hospital
687 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, QC H3A1A1
Tel: 514- 843-1600


Philippe Ruszniewski, MD (Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology)
Professor of Gastroenterology
Chief of Division of Gastroenterology and Pancreatology
University of Paris VII, Beaujon Hospital
100 boulevard du Général Leclerc Medical Surgical Federation of Hepatogastroenterology
Tel: +33 (0)1.40-87-53-28
Fax: +33 (0)1.42-70-37-84


Rudolf Arnold, MD (Oncology)
Medical Doctor
Zentrum fur Innere Medizin
Baldingerstrasse 1 Klinikum der Philipps-Universität Marburg
d-35033 Marburg
Richard P. Baum, MD, PhD (Nuclear Medicine)
Chairman and Clinical Director, Department of Nuclear Medicine / Center for PET/CT
Zentralklinik Bad Berka
Bad Berka
Tel: +49 364 585 2200
Fax: +49 364 585 3515

The Bad Berka Center for Neuroendocrine Tumors (BBC-NET) is one of the largest neuroendocrine tumor centers worldwide with over 1,000 patient visits per year.  It combines all specialties and procedures needed for the optimal interdisciplinary treatment of NET patients: nuclear medicine, PET/CT center, gastroenterology, endocrinology, oncology, surgery (with special experience in NETs), interventional radiology (including liver-directed therapies such as SIRT, RFA, TACE, etc.).  The Bad Berka Center for Neuroendocrine Tumors has been designated as an ENETS (European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society) Center of Excellence.


Bertram Wiedenmann, MD (gastroenterology)
Chair, Hepatology and Gastroenterology & the Interdisciplinary Centre of Metabolism
Charité, Humboldt University
Augustenburger Platz 1 Campus Virchow-Klinikum
Berlin, BE D-13353
Tel: +49 (30) 450-553022
Fax: +49 (30) 450-553902

Prof. Bertram Wiedenmann's major research interests are molecular and cell biology involving especially cellular signal transduction pathways in the field of gastrointestinal oncology.

For further information, contact Elizabeth Zach,,

Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Kevin Loh, MD (Oncology)
OnCare Hong Kong
Tel: +852-3588-2400 (appointments)
Tel: +852-3588-2499 (Service Hotline)

After his medical residency in Hong Kong, Dr. Loh went for fellowship training in Medical Oncology at the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center.  He joined the Cancer Research Center at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu in 1976.  Since 2001 he relocated back to Hong Kong, establishing the AmMed Cancer Center at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital.  He now continues his oncology practice at OnCare treatment centers at Admiralty Center and Grand Plaza in Mongkok.  Dr. Loh is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the Royal Canadian College of Physicians and is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology.



Emilio Bajetta, MD (Oncologist)
Medical Doctor
Oncologia Medica B
Via Venezian 1 Instituto Nazionale Tumori
MI 20133
Tel: 02-2390500
Tel: 0335-8195129 (cell)
Fax: 39-02-23902199


Gianfranco Delle Fave, MD (Oncologist)
Medical Doctor
Universita "La Sapienza", Roma Cattedria di Gastroenterologia 1
Viale del Policlinico 155 II Clinica Medica, Policlinico Umberto1
RM 00161
Tel: +39-64-455292
Fax: +39-64-463737



Morio Sato, MD, PhD (Oncologist)
Chairman & Professor Department of Radiology
Wakayama Medical University, Department of Radiology
811 Banchi 1
Kimiidera, 30 641-8510
Tel: +81-73-441-0604
Fax: +81-73-444-3110


Eramus Medical Center (Nuclear Medicine)
Erasmus Medical Center
Dr. Molewaterplein 50
Rotterdam, 3015 GD
Tel: +31-10-4635963
Fax: +31-10-4635997

The postal address is:
P.O. Box 2040
3000 CA Rotterdam, Netherlands

Erasmus MC Lutetium 177 Treatment*
Information about the Receptor therapy given to patients in the Netherlands ......Read More

Prof. Dr. Eric Krenning is the Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Erasmus.


Dr. Liau Kui Hin, MBBS, M.Med, FRCS, FAMS (Surgical oncology)
Senior Consultant Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgeon
Senior Surgical Oncologist
Nexus Surgical Associates
Tel: 65-8126 3327 (mobile)
Tel: 65-6235 8633 (clinic)
Fax: 65-6235 5675

Dr. Liau has a research interest in surgical treatment of hepatobiliary cancers, in particular, hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer), cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer), gallbladder carcinoma (gallbladder cancer), pancreatic adenocarcinoma (pancreas cancer), pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (i.e. insulinoma, glucogonoma, VIPoma, gastrinoma, etc.), gastrointestinal neuroendocrine neoplasm and metastatic neuroendocrine tumors to the liver.  He has also dedicated signficant effort to understand molecular basis, nuclear and novel mangement of liver, pancreatic cancers, and neuroendocrine tumors.


Håkan Ahlman , MD, PhD (Surgery, Medical Oncology)
Professor of Endocrine Surgery
Gothenburg University
S-413 45 Gothenburg Department of Surgery
Tel: +46 ( 31) 342-1778
Tel: +46 (31) 342-8088 (mobil within hospital)
Barbro Eriksson MD , PhD (Endocrine Oncology)
Professor of Endocrine Oncology, Uppsala University Hospital
Uppsala University Hospital
Ward 78D, entrance 78, 2nd floor The Department of Endocrine Oncology
Uppsala, SE-751 85
Tel: +46 18 611 3875
Fax: +46 18 55 39 43
Dan Granberg MD, PhD (Medical Oncology)
Senior Consultant in Endocrine Oncology
Uppsala University Hospital
Department of Endocrine Oncology
Uppsala, SE 75185
Eva Tiensuu Janson MD, PhD (Medical Oncology)
Professor of Medicine
Uppsala University Hospital
Ward 78D Department of Endocrine Oncology
Uppsala, SE-751 85
Tel: +46 18 611 3875
Fax: +46 18 55 39 43
Britt Skogseid MD, PhD (Endocrine Oncology)
Professor of Endocrine Tumorbiology
Uppsala University Hospital
Dept of Medical Sciences Endocrine Tumorbiology
Uppsala, SE-751 85
Tel: +46-18-611 49 20
Fax: +46-18-55 36 01
Kjell Öberg MD, PhD (Endocrinology, Internal Medicine)
Professor of Endocrine Oncology
Chairman Centre of Excellence Endocrine Tumors
Uppsala University Hospital
Akademiska sjukhuset, Ing 40, 5 tr.
Uppsala, SE 75185
Tel: +4618-611 4917
Fax: +4618-507268
Uppsala University Hospital (Endocrine Oncology)
Uppsala University Hospital
Akademiska sjukhuset Centre of Excellence for Endocrine Tumors
Uppsala, 751 85
Tel: +46-18-611 42 89
Fax: +46-18-55 36 01

The Uppsala Centre of Excellence for endocrine tumors is one of the world's leading centers for diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumors (NET's). Since 1977 diagnosis and treatment of endocrine tumors has been a special focus of interest for Uppsala University Hospital.


United Kingdom

Professor Sir Steven Bloom (Endocrinology)
Head of Division for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism
Chair of the academic Section of Investigative Medicine at Imperial College London
Royal Postgraduate Medical School
150 Ducane Road Department of Medicine, Division for Endocrinology
London, W12 OHS
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8383 3242

Professor Bloom's research work over the years falls into five related categories: endocrinology clinical research, physiology and pathology of gut hormones, control of insulin release and insulin resistance, role of neuropeptides in organ control and the role of neuropeptides in CNS regulation of appetite and related hypothalamic functions. He currently leads a research group investigating hypothalamic appetite control systems and gut hormones.

Martyn E. Caplin, MD (Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine)
Consultant in Gastroenterology & Hepatobiliary Medicine
Royal Free Hospital,
Pond Street Centre for Gastroenterology
London, NW3 2QG
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Professor Caplin is also a consultant gastroenterologist at The Wellington Hospital.  Click here to see his biography.

Karim Meeran MD (Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine)
Medical Doctor
Hammersmith Hospital
150 Ducane Road
London W12 ONN
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