CCF Presents 2022 Video Series

The strength of the neuroendocrine tumor community lies within the knowledge and experience of its specialists and medical professionals, as well as the strength and support of its patients, caregivers, and support group leaders. In 2022, we are continuing our efforts to share patients’ stories of hope in order to help guide others forward along this journey. Following the success of our 50th Anniversary Video Series in 2018, Carcinoid Cancer Foundation is producing a five-part documentary series featuring NET patients from around the United States. The 2022 series is made possible thanks to the generous support Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation; Advanced Accelerator Applications, A Novartis Company, Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals; and TerSera Therapeutics.

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A Full-Time Fireball – The Jesi Dewey Story

Jesi is an interior designer. And a Pilates and cycle instructor. And an off-ice hockey trainer. And a podcaster. Oh, and a full-time mom to three young boys. So when she got diagnosed with neuroendocrine carcinoma in 2021, she had a decision to make about all her obligations. But she decided that the cancer would just have to fit its way into her schedule because she had too much life to live to let it rule her. This is her story.


Dare to Dream – The Taryn Hillin Story

Taryn seemed to have it all. She was the VP of strategy at a successful media company. She had a loving husband. And she was just about to leave to fulfill her dream of living in France. But on a routine checkup before her travel, doctors found a rare neuroendocrine tumor that left her with a 7% chance of survival. So Taryn fought back. This is her story.


The Hardest Climb – The Cory Huminsky Story

When Cory (Berliner) Huminsky was just 11-years-old, she was already a star softball player with a world of opportunity ahead of her. But then, she was diagnosed with a bronchial carcinoid tumor that sidelined her with no guarantee of what was to come. She was confused, scared, and just wanted to get it out and get back to being a kid again. But she didn’t let her diagnosis stop her. Cory went on to receive a full scholarship at University of Pittsburgh where she was the starting pitcher for four years, has climbed some of the world’s highest mountains, and now gives back to other young athletes as well as other cancer survivors. She is an inspiration. And this is her story.


Everybody Can Serve – The Mel Phillips Story

Mel Phillips never thought that he’d play a sport like tennis. But when the right coach came along and urged him to play, it changed the course of his life—on and off the court. He went on to become a tennis coaching professional, bringing countless new players to the sport in the Chicago area who, like him, may have never played. Inspired by the approach of his former coach, he sought to make an impact on their lives, not just their skills. In 2010, Mel was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, a disease that he had watched his mom struggle with for years. He had no idea what outcome awaited him. So to get through each day, and the challenges that it brought, he relied on the values instilled in him by his mother and later by his coach: that service can often be the most rewarding therapy of all. This is his story.


Life in the Fast Lane – The Eileen Bildman Story

When Eileen “Red” Bildman was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer in 2017 little did she know how her life was going to change. It took her well over 10 years and numerous visits to many different specialty physicians, including gastroenterologists, a cardiologist, and an endocrinologist, before she was properly diagnosed. But that diagnosis did not hold her back from pursuing a dream to become a Ferrari race car driver at the age of 58. This is her story.

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