Eric Liu MD 3

Eric Liu, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Co-Director, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
Co-Director and Co-Founder, The Neuroendocrine Institute

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
1800 Williams Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80218
Tel: 303-388-4876 (appointments)

An internationally recognized surgeon, Dr. Liu specializes in neuroendocrine tumors. He completed a fellowship at Uppsala University in Sweden under Dr. Kjell Oberg, considered one of the pioneers of neuroendocrine research, and was responsible for establishing the first clinical trial in the United States for the Gallium 68 PET/CT, an important tool in diagnosing patients with NET. Dr. Liu was previously at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he established a Neuroendocrine Center. He and medical oncologist Dr. Allen Cohn  head up the Neuroendocrine Tumor Center in Denver based out of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers’ Midtown location and in conjunction with HealthONE’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center.