Wasif M. Saif, MD (Hematology/Oncology)

Director, Gastrointestinal Oncology Program Leader, Experimental Therapeutics Program

Tufts Medical Center, Cancer Center
800 Washington Street, Box 245
Boston, MA 02445
Tel: 617-636-5291 (new patient scheduling)
Tel: 617-636-6227 (scheduling for follow-up patients)
Fax: 617-636-8535

Dr. Saif is an internationally known clinical and translational researcher in the field of gastrointestinal cancers. He has published widely on the molecular biology, early detection, and treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies. He has both clinical and research interests in the treatment of GI cancers (liver, pancreas, biliary, colon, rectum, carcinoid, GIST, stomach, esophagus, anal) and works closely with Tufts surgeons, interventional radiologists, gastroenterologists, and endocrinologists as part of a multi-disciplinary group. In addition, he specializes in new drug development and phase 1 clinical trials for patients with advanced carcinoid and other GI tumors.