The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation is the oldest nonprofit carcinoid/and related neuroendocrine tumor organization in the United States, founded in 1968. The mission of this foundation is to increase awareness and educate the general public and healthcare professionals regarding carcinoid and related neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), to support NET cancer patients and their families, and to serve as patient advocates.

CCF Mission

The carcinoid tumor, its syndromes and several even rarer neuroendocrine tumor syndromes are the areas of focus for this foundation. The outreach and educational activities of the foundation have grown exponentially since this website was first established in 1996.

In summary, the Foundation, which was founded in 1968:

  • Provides information and educational materials for medical professionals, patients, and caregivers
  • Provides e-mail and toll-free telephone support
  • Continually works to improve access to accurate and up-to-date information
  • Serves as advocates for the carcinoid/NET community
  • Encourages research
  • Participates as one of the founding members in the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA)
  • Created a carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumor database of approximately 2000 entries

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