Governors of Louisiana and Montana Join Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Campaign

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana have become the 6th and 7th United States governors to pledge their support to the first Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day on November 10, 2010Governor Schweitzer wrote, “I am pleased to recognize NET Cancer Day in the State of Montana.  Prevention and early detection are critical in efforts to decrease carcinoid cancer.”

Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana

Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana

Governor Jindal’s proclamation addresses the need for timely diagnosis and proper treatment so that “NET cancer patients can have significantly improved outcomes and quality of life.

Information about the first Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day can be found on the website.  Some of the key points about why a day should be dedicated to NET cancers are:

Because we constantly need to raise awareness of NET cancers among decision makers, health professionals and the general public. Information is key to improving quality of life and prognosis for NET cancer patients; raising awareness is therefore one of our primary goals

Because acting simultaneously in many places and in many countries can ensure the voice of NET cancer patients is heard by more people

Because early detection of NET cancers is a public health priority

Because a day focused on NET cancers can bring hope and information to people living with NET cancers, their caregivers and families

Because we want equity in access to care and treatment for NET cancer patients around the world

Because we need more funds for research and care, and more research and efforts directed towards NET cancers

Because we need to keep fighting for NET cancer patients.

Thank you Governor Brian Schweitzer and Governor Bobby Jindal for joining with NET cancer patients, family members, caregivers, friends, medical professionals, policy makers, scientists and academics, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, patient advocacy groups, charitable organizations, the media, and the general public in helping to bring about greater awareness of NET cancers throughout the world.  For more information about Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day, visit

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