Neuroendocrine Tumor and Carcinoid Cancer Patients: Please Participate in This Poll

The Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumor Society of Singapore (CNETS Singapore) has created a one question poll on NET Patient Misdiagnosis.  We need your help and only 60 seconds of your time to hit the 200 mark for responses to the poll.  There are already over 170 responses and more than 50 comments!

Here’s the question: From symptom onset until NETs diagnosis, were you misdiagnosed as having IBS, Crohn’s or another gastric disorder? 

Click here to give your answer:  –

According to the poll creator, Bill Claxton, “This poll has provided some remarkable insights already.  Nearly 70% of the respondents have been misdiagnosed for 6 months at least.  And more than 50% have been misdiagnosed for more than 2 years.  And these are only the folks misdiagnosed with IBS, Crohn’s or some other gastric disorder!  The comments reveal other common misdiagnoses such as menopause, asthma and even insanity.  It is also revealing that quite a few lung carcinoid patients were misdiagnosed with gastric disorders.”

The poll is confidential and the data is open for anyone to download or share.  Take action now and be part of the carcinoid cancer/neuroendocrine tumor awareness campaign.

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