More Things Zebra for the Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) Community: From the Everyday to the Extraordinary

Why the zebra for carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancer awareness?  In medical school, students are told, “When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras.”   Physicians are taught to focus on the most likely possibilities when making a diagnosis, not the unusual ones.  Sometimes physicians need to look for a zebra.  In the rare disease community, the zebra can be carcinoid or a related neuroendocrine tumor (NET), such as a pancreatic NET. Zebras are the symbols of rare diseases in the carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancer community

At the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation we get many inquiries about where to purchase zebra-striped pins and other awareness items.  We have once again scoured the Internet to share a wide variety of zebra-themed items – everything from iPad covers (the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, had a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor) to a specially-designed piano!  There are also many zebra-striped items, such as bracelets, pins, and a car magnet, offered by carcinoid/NET support groups.  Check out those items here, Show Your Stripes!

Below is a list of our latest zebra finds (a caveat:  we have not purchased most of the items on this list so we cannot speak to the quality or the suppliers).

For the technology-minded crowd, there is a Portfolio Leather Case for the Apple iPad3.  The case holds the iPad 3 securely in place, while still allowing the user to access all the buttons, ports, and screen . Velvet lining adds a soft touch and takes away any chance of scratching the back of the iPad3.  The zebra stripes are made from felt and raised on top of a soft cloth canvas.  Convert the front cover into a kickstand to watch movies or angle it to type comfortably. The zebra is the symbol of rare diseases such as carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancers

A zebra-striped mouse pad is a must for desktop computer users.  “ A great gift for geeks, gamers, or anyone with a computer. Rubber backing prevents the mouse pad from sliding. Machine washable.”

There are over 2,000 zebra print items on the website for the  iPhone, iPad, and iPods. Blackberry users can find zebra-print cases on page 31. For those whose smartphone is the Android, choose from a rhinestone bling zebra cover  or the traditional snap-on rubber case, among others.

The zebra is the symbol of rare diseases such as carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancersWhile working at your desk, you have many choices for zebra-striped chairs – from a task chair with adjustable arms to a swivel chair.  “The zebra-print fabric is about fun; the rest of this chair is all business. The thick padded seat and lumbar-support back are extremely comfortable, plus you can adjust the back and seat heights as well as the depth of the seat.”

Moving to attire, we begin with the one accessory that is a must in the NET community, a tie with zebra-stripes or pictures of zebras.  A terrific gift for your favorite NET specialist!  Choose from over 1,000 zebra ties at the website (clearly, “z” themed items are very popular on this site!).  This website also gives you the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind ties for yourself or your loved ones. Upload your own images and patterns, or browse thousands of stylish designs to wear in the office or on the town. And when the occasion calls for a bow tie, there is the self-tied version or the clip on, available in traditional black and white to classy red and black. The zebra is the symbol of rare diseases such as carcinoid and pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer

Whether it’s Talbots, Nordstrom haute couture, or Walmart, there are zebra-print dresses, skirts, shoes, swimsuits and more for women.

At Talbots you will find zebra-print flats and heels, a belt, a chain strap bag, and a zebra print skirt.

At Nordstrom  choose from zebra-striped Kate Spade shoes; Michael Kors dresses, skirts and a tunic; a Betesy Johnson watch; a Diane von Furstenberg scarf, and more.

Walmart offers zebra-themed shoes, tote bags, rain boots, and many other choices.

To keep you warm and cozy, Pier 1 Imports offers a fuzzy, fleece-backed zebra-print  throw.  “Have you ever seen a zebra with goosebumps?”

For all seeking a zebra stuffed animal,  the Zebra Jellycat at Amazon gets a five-star rating and is super soft! Amazon offers many other plush zebras. The Sweater Zebra, also soft and snuggly, is available at Pier 1 Imports. The zebra is the icon for rare diseases, especially carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancers.

Planning a picnic?  Here’s the perfect zebra print bag and containers:

As the weather gets warmer and the interior of your car heats up, use this terrific zebra-striped windshield sunshade to keep your seats cool.

And for all who yearn to zip around town or down the highway in a zebra-striped car, here is the FAW Bentung A 501. Back in 2008, First Automobile Works (FAW), China’s first auto manufacturer, was spied testing their new Bentung A 501. Has anyone seen it since? And Volvo made a customized zebra-striped car in 2009 but it was only available in Sweden!

If you can’t find the car, you might want to purchase a zebra-striped  accessory listed in this  Ultimate Guide to Zebra Print Car Accessories.”  There’s everything from seat covers to license plate frames to floor mats.  Check it out!

Now we get to the extraordinary!  For music lovers who play the piano, Baldwin has a custom-designed piano with zebra-stripes!  This bold black and white piano features a red plate, nickel hardware, and red, white and black keys. Baldwin Custom House company has created the “Exotic Collection” with wild designs and customized paints.

The zebra is considered the symbol for rare disease, especially carcinoid and neuroendocrince cancers.

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