10 More iPhone Apps for Patients and Physicians

If you are a carcinoid or neuroendocrine cancer iPhone user, a healthcare provider who treats carcinoid/NETs patients, or a medical student, here are 10 more iPhone apps that will give you information about everything from new drug warnings to places to seek emergency medical care to medical terminology.


iTriage – Are you on vacation in an unfamiliar city and need to seek medical attention?  iTriage helps you make appropriate and cost-effective decisions about when and where to find the medical help you need.  More than one million listings of  healthcare resources.

Asthmapolis — Using a special GPS-enabled device that attaches to an inhaler, Asthmapolis automatically records the time and location when asthma patients use their inhalers. This data is transmitted to the patient’s doctor, while collective data is available to asthma researchers and public health agencies. Map and track asthma symptoms, triggers, and use of rescue and controller medications, and other important events from any phone with a web browser. You can also receive text message reminders when you forget to use controller medication, and review streamlined versions of your asthma map and charts on the phone.

MedWatcher – Available this month, MedWatcher is for healthcare practitioners and the general public, allowing them to track alerts and report side effects of medications. This app alerts users about new drug warnings through official FDA channels (such as MedWatch Alerts) and through informal channels (including news media). Using separate forms for the public and the medical community, a user-friendly tool reports information about drug side effects.

Zyrtec® AllergyCast — Get the allergy forecast for today and tomorrow along with the day’s top allergens. Let the iPhone / iPod touch GPS locator use your current location or from the Home tab select another location by touching the map icon and entering a zip code or a city and state.

WebMD Mobile — Check symptoms, access drug & treatment information, get first aid essentials, and check local health listings on the go.

iPhone apps for carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancer patientsEpocrates – Answers to clinical questions, this app includes drug interactions, a pill identifier, drug information, and a medical calculator.  Considered the first medical app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the free version is one of the most frequently downloaded medical apps in the App Store.  There are four versions of Epocrates and each has different features and subscription fees.  They range from Epocrates Rx (free) to Epocrates Essentials Deluxe ($199 annually).

Dragon® Medical Mobile Search – This app for physicians from Nuance Healthcare is free for a limited time. After dictating a medical term into an iPhone, such as “naproxin,” the app finds information over the Web from sources such as Drugs.mobi, IMO, Medline, MedScape and Google. The process takes about four seconds, and is quicker and simpler than typing in a complex term. Whether physicians need drug-to-drug interaction information, the latest on new medications, an ICD-9 code look-up or a refresher on diagnosing a particular condition, Dragon® Medical Mobile Search helps ensure they make medical decisions with the most complete and up-to-date information at the point of care.

Pocket First Aid and CPR Guide – The most up-to-date information from the American Heart Association. First aid can and does save lives.  Videos, illustrations, storage of information on your iPhone.  Included are Child & Infant CPR, Child & Infant Choking, and 12 quick reference guides for emergencies.

Mosby’s iTerms Flash Cards for Medical Terminology – Medical students will benefit from the premier study guide for mastering the prefixes, suffixes, combining forms, and abbreviations used to build medical terms. This application has more than 800 medical terminology flash cards containing word building examples and audio pronunciations allowing students to study and learn anywhere, anytime.

iChart EMR – This new app has been designed by doctors for any healthcare provider that needs to keep patient information organized. Caretool’s app tracks patients in different settings, hospitals, clinics, wherever the physician practices. Track medications for the patient, track and compare billing codes, create notes with point and touch or voice, add vitals, annotate images built into notes or add new images, use typical dictation and transcription to add notes, and more.  Watch the video:  http://www.caretools.com/about_demos.html (cost:  $140.00).

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