12 iPhone Apps for Patients and Physicians

For carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancer iPhone users there are many resources for you as a patient or for your physician that have been created by big pharmaceutical companies around the world.  These pharma companies include Novartis, Pfizer, Merck & Co., GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-aventis, Johnson & Johnson, and Roche. iPhone and medical apps


Novartis Oncology Medical Information:  This is a US app for healthcare professionals to view and download standard response documents to many medical inquiries.  Medical inquiries can be submitted directly to Novartis using this app.

Vax Trak:  Store your family’s vaccination records, locate local pharmacies for flu shots, and record insurance information.

iPhone medical apps

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Cancer Trials: Patients and physicians can find cancer clinical trials within 150 miles of their current location.


iPhone medical appsGoMeals: This  app combines 3 tools  — a nutritional database, a food-tracking tool to record meals, and a restaurant locator.  Also available in a specifically designed version for the iPad.

AFib Educator:  Carcinoid patients with concerns about heart disease may be especially interested in this US app which helps healthcare providers to explain atrial fibrillation (AFib).  This app has many graphics as well as facts about the condition’s signs, symptoms, prevalence, and risks.

Merck & Co.

iManage Migraine:  For migraine sufferers, this US app includes a patient diary and analytical tools to better understand the information entered into their diary.

iChemo Diary:  Are you a US patient undergoing chemotherapy?  Record your chemotherapy schedule, treatments, and medication, as well as any symptoms you experience during and after treatments.

iPhone medical apps

Vree for Diabetes:  Diabetes education, blood glucose tracking, nutrition tracking, activity tracking, medical tracking, and progress charts are all part of this US patient app.


CongressUS: This medical congress app for physicians allows doctors to quickly find sessions of interest at the congress they’re attending and offers reviews and ratings from a board of experts and key opinion leaders on the sessions. For example, one kind of meeting the app could help users follow is a leading cancer conference such as ASCO.

BioOncology: This app is produced by Roche’s biotech arm Genentech. It features oncology news from Reuters, polls, information on Genentech’s cancer research and a ‘contact us’ facility. iPhone medical app

Johnson & Johnson

CareConnector:  If you are one of the more than  50 million caregivers in this country, this app is designed for you. Keep track of contact information for healthcare providers, insurance policy numbers, prescription information, and more.

Sleep Tracker:  The Tylenol® PM Sleep Tracker app lets users track their sleep hours and moods, see their sleep history over time, add notes and customize their icons and get tips to help them sleep better.iPhone medical app

These are just a few of the iPhone apps available for US patients and physicians.  Outside of the US, iPhone apps include:


GIST Calculator



Mon Krono Santé

Dr. Moblie

United Kingdom

Pfizer Oncology RCC:  a patient prognosis calculator for healthcare professionals diagnosing and treating metastatic renal cell carcinoma.


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