News and Notes from the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, July 2022

Neuroendocrine Cancer Specialist Dr. Satya Das Presents Grand Rounds at Vanderbilt University

Have you wondered what it’s like to attend Grand Rounds dedicated to neuroendocrine cancer?  NET expert Satya (Nanu) Das, MD, MSCI, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Lead of the Neuroendocrine Tumor and PRRT Programs, has generously shared his Grand Rounds presentation: “Mapping the Odyssey – Defining the Landscape of Neuroendocrine Neoplasms (NENs).”  This excellent overview of NENs includes the history of the disease; classification, epidemiology and diagnostic approaches (neuroendocrine tumors or NETs versus neuroendocrine carcinomas or NECs); new directions in systemic therapies for NETs and NECs; and how to optimize NEN clinical trial design and move research and treatments forward. In addition to being a clinician and teaching at Vanderbilt, Dr. Das serves on the NCCN Guidelines Panel for NETs and the NCI NET Task Force. One of the most hopeful points Dr. Das makes is: “Patients with NETs with metastatic involvement can live for decades.”

Watch Dr. Das’ Grand Rounds presentation here:

Thank you, Dr. Das, for educating medical professionals about NETs and NECs and inspiring the next generation of neuroendocrine cancer specialist physicians.

Satya Das, MD, Grand Rounds, June 21, 2022

Excel Nuclear Oncology Center in Houston Designated as Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Center of Excellence by SNMMI

Congratulations to Excel Diagnostics and Nuclear Oncology Center upon being designated as Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Center of Excellence (RTCOE) by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI)! According to Ebrahim Delpassand, MD, FACNM, Chairman and Medical Director of EDNOC: “Excel is the first outpatient private facility in the country to receive this honorable designation from SNMMI.  EDNOC continues to be a pioneer in bringing new targeted Radioligand Therapies such as Lu-177 DOTATATE, and Lu-177 PSMA-617 and  225Ac-PSMA I&T to serve our patients in the United States and neighboring countries. Our main mission in the last 15 years has been to address unmet needs in the field of Nuclear Oncology.” READ MORE

Excel Diagnostics Radiopharmacutical Therapy Center of Excellence

Neuroendocrine Tumor Information in 10 Languages

Did you know that the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA) has free, NET info packets in 10 languages? And they add new factsheets regularly.  Check back often — soon to come factsheets on MEN and Pheochromocytoma/Paraganglioma.  Click here to select your language and download the factsheets: The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation is proud to be a founding member of INCA.

INCA NET Information in Many Lanuagues (002)




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