Zebra Tales: Carcinoid NETs Health Storylines Launches New Feature

Carcinoid NETs Health Storylines presents Zebra Tales! This brand new feature enables you to learn and share more about the experiences of others within the neuroendocrine tumor (NET) community.

Our first inspiring story is from Stacie Chevrier – a freelance writer from Nashville, Tennessee. Stacie shares her personal journey living with NETs and what her dedication to yoga practice has taught her about life.

“Yoga has taught me the mental strength to sit with things that are uncomfortable.”

  Stacie Chevrier



Have you  downloaded the Carcinoid NETs Health Storylines self-care app? Developed by Self Care Catalysts in partnership with the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, Carcinoid NETs Health Storylines makes it easy to record your symptoms, nutritional concerns, moods, medication, and more. Choose what you want to track to build your own summary “My Storylines” to learn more about your health, and to share with your doctor about what happened between visits.

Carcinoid NETs Health Storylines is available for free for iPhones and iPads at the App Store, for Androids on Google Play, and on the web.

Download Carcinoid NETs Health Storylines and check out Zebra Tales today! https://healthstorylines.com/blog/?page_id=476.


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