Mobile Survey for Carcinoid Syndrome Community

Carcinoid syndrome patients, caregivers, and advocates in the carcinoid syndrome community are invited to participate in an exclusive mobile survey being conducted by WEGO Health via Truvio.

WEGO Health is an organization committed to empowering Health Activists in the online health community. They are interested in getting input from those with carcinoid syndrome either as patients themselves or as caregivers, or by connecting with someone within the carcinoid syndrome community.

Truvio is their mobile research initiative.  You’ll be sent a text that will ask you to review content on your mobile device and then you’ll record your response voicemail-style in under 10 minutes. By completing this short form, you’re set to receive your first Truvio survey.  Please sign up by 9:00 am Eastern Time on Friday, January 17 in order to participate.

Interested members of the carcinoid syndrome community can connect with industry leaders and voice their opinions. For your contributions, you’ll receive a $20.00 Gift Card or a TisBest Gift Card which you can donate to one of 300+ charities. To read more and sign up to receive a Truvio survey, click here.

Hands and smartphone

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