Governors of Nebraska & Mississippi Declare November 10th NET (Neuroendocrine Tumor) Cancer Awareness Day

The World NET Community thanks Dave Heineman, Governor of the State of Nebraska, and Haley Barbour, Governor of the State of Mississippi, for proclaiming Wednesday, November 10, 2010 as Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day.  In their proclamations both governors encourage patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, as well as the wider community to raise awareness about NET cancers and the need for timely diagnosis and access to optimal treatment and care.

Dave Heinman, Nebraska Governor

Dave Heineman, Governor of Nebraska

Maryann and Robert Wahmann of the Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network (CCAN), and members of the Steering Committee for Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day, have contacted each of the 50 governors in the United States, asking them to declare November 10 Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day in recognition of this international effort.

While awaiting responses from many of the governors, Maryann and Robert are seeking your help if you live in Arizona, Tennessee or Wyoming. These states require a resident to ask the governor of their state to issue a proclamation in recognition of NET Cancer Awareness Day.  If you would like to help, please contact Maryann or Robert at or call 866-850-9555.

Thank you Governors Barbour and Heineman for supporting carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancer awareness!

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