Video Recording of National Carcinoid Cancer and Neuroendocrine Tumor Patient Conference Now Online

Whether you are newly diagnosed with carcinoid cancer or another neuroendocrine tumor or you are seeking novel treatments for NETs you can gain invaluable information from the video recording of the 2009 National Carcinoid/NET Patient Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This extraordinary conference was produced by the Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network (CCAN) of New York in association with Ochsner Medical Center, Kenner, Louisiana.  The 2-day event was attended by some 500 patients, family caregivers, and physicians.  The main goal of the conference, according to Maryann and Robert Wahmann of CCAN, was to “give patients the information they need to make informed choices regarding their medical care and to acquaint them with internationally recognized neuroendocrine experts.”   Presentations ranged from “What Are Biomarkers & Why Are They So Important?” and “Genetics & Risk for Carcinoid” to “Research Drug Trials:  The Role in Carcinoid, Islet Cell & Other NETs.  What Is Useful & What Is Not?” and “Update on PRRT in Germany.”  The event was sponsored by Novartis Oncology, Tercica, and Interscience Institute.

With kind permission from the Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network you can view the video recordings from the 2009 national conference here:

To view recordings from other carcinoid/NET conferences, please visit the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation’s website:

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