Do You Have Carcinoid Syndrome? Talking with Your Healthcare Provider About Symptoms, Diet, and Treatment

Recorded live on June 20, 2018, this one-hour program on carcinoid syndrome is available to watch now! This program explains how a diagnosis of Carcinoid Syndrome is reached, gives lifestyle tips about what to eat when living with Carcinoid Syndrome, and provides information about how to medically manage Carcinoid Syndrome over time. The panel includes medical experts, a leader at the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, and a patient who lives with Carcinoid Syndrome. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have been living with Carcinoid Syndrome for decades, this free program offers important tools for the next stage of your journey. Click the play button below to watch the program – you’ll be asked for a few key pieces of information and to answer a couple questions before gaining access. To download the slides, click on the Event Resources section.

If you missed our 2017 Patient Education Program on Carcinoid Syndrome from Diagnosis to Treatment, you can watch it here:

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