I was diagnosed with carcinoid of the duodenum in 2008. It was a very small tumor, but still serious. I had a partial small intestine resection which was a very serious surgery that required the surgeon to cut me open from breastbone to bellybutton.

Of course, I have a large scar as a result.The doctor removed the tumor and saw no intestinal distress. And the tumor did not spread into the lymphnodes. My outcome was great!

Now, 4 years later, I have metastasis into my liver. According to my doctors, the cells of the carcinoid were already there and metastisizing. Now, I have liver metastasis which is incurable. I have had a partial removal of the right lobe of my liver, but I still have several small tumors remaining in the left lobe. I am very hopeful for my future because I have chosen (on my own) to meet with doctors at Ohio State, James Cancer Center.

My new doctor has given me a lot of hope and a good outlook for life. We are exploring all avenues of treatment, and my doctor is being very informative and hopeful for my treatment. I cannot have more surgery to my liver, and i also cannot have eblation b/c of the numerous tumors. However, Dr. Shah at Ohio State James Cancer is great! She is giving me hope and she explains everything to me. All that I can say is that I will keep posting my progress.

Kelly and Tom Andersen

Pictured:  Kelly Andersen with her husband, Tom, in Hawaii

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