Next Generation Germanium-68/Gallium-68 Generator

ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG (ITM), a biotechnology and radiopharmaceutical group of companies in Germany, and RadioMedix Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company in Houston, Texas, announced  on December 8, 2020, that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued the Drug Master File (DMF no. 34938) for ITM’s next generation Germanium-68/Gallium-68 (68Ge/68Ga) Generator, distributed under the brand name GeGant®.The DMF will enable companies interested in developing new drugs for the U.S. market to refer to the DMF and use GeGant® in clinical tests for radiopharmaceuticals and in other settings. This is especially significant for the #NeuroendocrineTumor community. Read more,…/FDA+has…/17693651.html

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