Neuroendocrine Cancer Experts Hold Inaugural Summit in Colorado, February 25-26, 2016

Over 30 neuroendocrine tumor (NET) expert physicians and researchers from the United States and Europe will come together for a two-day summit, February 25 and 26, 2016, in Beaver Creek, Colorado, where they will share knowledge and experience that can help community-based physicians and specialists learn more about these rare diseases that are not widely recognized in medical circles. The summit is being convened by The Healing NET Foundation in partnership with the Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC), a non-profit managed by The Lynx Group.

It is anticipated that the summit is a first step in “examining and debating protocols for how patients with NET cancer are viewed by clinicians in locations across the United States. The overall goal is to diagnose the disease earlier and help define the best course of treatment once people are diagnosed.”

According to Dr. Eric Liu, Chief Medical Advisor for The Healing NET Foundation, “The problem is that people who have NET cancers experience sets of symptoms that can easily be written off as common illnesses.” Ninety percent of cancer patients in the United States, notes Dr. Liu, are treated by community-based physicians who are not part of the academic and research communities. It is critical to connect these doctors with NET expert physicians and information, ultimately helping patients to “receive the best possible care for this rare disease,” says Cindy Lovelace, Executive Director of the Healing NET Foundation and a NET patient herself.

Eric Liu & Healing NET Foundation

Summit attendees were chosen “based on their experience in the diagnosis and treatment of NET cancer patients and represent 30 leading international centers of research and clinical care.” Their subspecialties include oncology, radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, surgery, and basic science.

Topics to be discussed during the Summit are:

• Surgery and Liver Directed Therapies
• Molecular Targeted Therapies and Chemotherapy
• Update on Pediatric Neuroendocrine Tumors
• Update on Surgical Techniques
• Somatostatin Analogues & Symptom Control
• Biomarkers
• Pathology
• Nuclear Medicine

Presenters include:

• Dr. Eric Liu, surgery
• Dr. Allen Cohn, oncology
• Dr. Charles Nutting, interventional radiology
• Dr. J. Phillip Boudreaux, surgery
• Dr. Jonathan Strosberg, oncology
• Dr. Rodney Pommier, surgery
• Dr. Jennifer Chan, oncology
• Dr. Dan Granberg, neuroendocrinology
• Dr. Kjell Oberg, neuroendocrinology
• Dr. Emily Bergsland, oncology
• Dr. M. Sue O’Dorisio, pediatric oncology
• Dr. George Fisher, oncology
• Dr. Lowell Anthony, oncology
• Dr. Anthony Heaney, endocrinology
• Dr. Aaron Vinik, endocrinology
• Dr. Alexandria Phan, oncology
• Dr. Jerome Zacks, cardiology
• Dr. Mark Kidd, basic science
• Dr. Scott Paulson, oncology
• Dr. Thomas O’Dorisio, endocrinology
• Dr. Wouter de Herder, endocrinology
• Dr. Joy Ardill, basic science
• Dr. Irvin Modlin, surgery
• Dr. Robert Ramirez, oncology
• Dr. Laura Tang, pathology
• Dr. Guido Rindi, pathology
• Dr. David Metz, gastroenterology
• Dr. Lisa Bodei, nuclear medicine

For additional information, visit The Healing NET Foundation website:

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