Patient-Reported Experience of Diagnosis, Management, and Burden of Neuroendocrine Tumors: Results from a Large Patient Survey in the United States

Wolin EM, Leyden, J, Goldstein G, Kolarova T, Hollander R, Warner RRP

Pancreas. 2017 May/June; 46(5): 639-647

Objectives: The aim of this survey was to examine the experience of patients with neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) to raise awareness of the NET-related burden and identify unmet needs. Here, we report data from patients in the United States.

Methods: Patients with NETs participated in a 25-minute anonymous survey, conducted primarily online from February to May 2014. Survey questions captured information on sociodemographics, clinical characteristics, NET diagnostic experience, disease impact/management, interaction with medical teams, and NETs knowledge/awareness.

Results: Of 1928 patients who participated globally, the largest percentage was from the United States (39%). Approximately 50% of US patients reported being diagnosed with other conditions before receiving their NET diagnosis, which for 34% took 5 years or more. Patients experienced many symptoms on a daily basis as a result of NETs, which had a substantial negative impact on their work and daily lives. Numerous improvements were suggested by patients, including better access to NET-specific treatments and medical teams/centers and better education for the management of disease-related and treatment-related symptoms.

Conclusions: This survey demonstrated the significant burden of NETs on patients’ lives and identified key areas for improvement in diagnosis and long-term management, including better access to NET-specific treatments and specialist medical teams/centers.

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