Biochemical assessment of niacin deficiency among carcinoid cancer patients.

Shah GM, Shah RG, Veillette H, Kirkland JB, Pasieka JL, Warner RR

Am J Gastroenterol. 2005 Oct; 100(10): 2307-14

It has been shown that giving niacin supplementation to carcinoid patients not only resolves several common symptoms of carcinoid and pellagra, such as skin lesions and diarrhea/ steatorrhea, but also generally improves the health of the carcinoid patients (10, 12, 29). Therefore, our results warrant that niacin status should be determined for all carcinoid patients, so that active niacin replacement could be provided to biochemically niacin-deficient patients. In areas of the world where preformed niacin is not added to the food supply and screening of niacin status is not possible, all carcinoid patients should be supplemented with niacin as a preventative therapy.

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