What is Goblet Cell Carcinoid (adenocarcinoid, mucinous carcinoid)?

The term Goblet Cell Carcinoid or adenocarcinoid, mucinous carcinoid is applied to two types of carcinoid. Both types of carcinoid are quite different from the ordinary carcinoid. Unfortunately, adenocarcinoid is a more aggressive tumor and carries a poor prognosis. One type arises in the ovary (reference: Primary Ovarian Carcinoid Tumors, K.P. Davis et. a:l., Gyn.Oncol 61; 259-265, 1996) and the second type is also referred to as collision tumor in the intestine and is more often called adenocarcinoid. You can find references to it (do a PubMed search from our website) if you search for collision tumor. Because of the poor prognosis of these types of tumors, the pathologic interpretation of the tumor biopsy should be confirmed by an EXPERT second opinion.

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