If a carcinoid tumor is not metastatic at the time of removal and is located in the rectum, what is the 5 year survival rate?

The 5-year survival rate of a rectal carcinoid depends on the probability of its having metastasized at the time of removal. This in turn is related to the tumor’s size. If less than 1-cm diameter, fewer than 5% will have metastasized and if more than 2 cm in diameter, 75% will have metastasized. The odds for a tumor sized 1-2 cm are in the 40-45% range. If the tumor has not spread, the 5-year survival rate is 81%. If it has spread locally, 47% will survive 5 years and if distant metastases have occurred, only 18% will survive 5 years (without treatment). However, these figures may improve a bit with some of the newer therapies available or becoming available.

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