How many cases of adenocarcinoid have you treated and what is the longest survival rate?

Over 50 cases treated, over 10 years longest survival rate. For more information about adenocarcinoma we suggest that you visit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network website. The familial occurrence of carcinoid is a recognized but exceedingly rare event. This occurrence in two first cousins is suggestive. A blood test of DNA for the chromosomal abnormality thought to be present in the genetic aberration in such cases is under study and development at present. Hopefully it will be perfected and available for general clinical use in a few years. Until then surveillance of individuals thought to be at risk should, in my opinion, consist of yearly testing of urine 5-HIAA and blood serotonin, tryptophan, chromogranin A and substance P starting after the second decade of life.

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