Are there any chemotherapy agents more than 30% effective in carcinoid of the large and small bowel?

In atypical carcinoid VP16 and Cisplatin is 67% effective. In typical carcinoid DTIC as a single agent has been reported effective in greater than 50%. Dr. Kjell Oberg (as well as myself through observation) reports greater than 60% effectiveness from CHRONIC treatment with large dosage octreotide along with small to moderate dosage alpha interferon. This combo (octreotide and alfa interferon) must be taken for at least 6 months before results are seen. Finally, leucovorin and LOW dose 5FU with streptozotocin given at frequent (weekly intervals) CHRONICALLY is effective in greater than 40% of cases. Note that if one chemotherapy program fails, the next one or two may be effective; i.e., failure to respond to one drug combo has no bearing on responsiveness to another. Aggressive treatment, rather than a wait-and-see approach, is better in the long run.

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