A Special Message from Dr. Richard R.P. Warner,

Founder of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation

Dear Friends,

Fifty years ago my family and patients rallied around the end of funding from the National Institutes of Health for the support of my serotonin carcinoid research project, which I had run for over a decade.  Ironically, it was the end of this funding that mobilized people like you — whose lives have been impacted by carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancers — to commit your support to the creation of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation.

As we approach CCF’s 50th anniversary in March 2018, I am reflecting on the foundation and my life-long commitment to helping all of you, all of your families, all medical professionals and everyone touched by carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumors (NETs). I am proud to say that CCF has far exceeded my wildest imagination about the impact and benefit that the foundation could possibly generate.

As you may know, I usually prefer to stay in the background, working with patients and increasing awareness of these rare cancers, but this is a big milestone and I can’t let it pass without saying: Thank you!  We couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

At 90 years old it seems like an eternity since I started my career as a gastroenterologist. In fact that specialty is at the core of how and why I was drawn to my research about serotonin and neuroendocrine cancers. I became an expert in these diseases and while I was not an oncologist I discovered my unique background allowed me to look at NETs with a very different perspective. I am proud to say that I have worked with thousands of patients with these diseases and my life’s work continues through the efforts of the foundation to make sure that the world knows about these rare cancers.

Perhaps the only regret I have is that I am not 40 years younger so that I could continue my work and perhaps one day be part of developing a cure for NETs. I remain hopeful that the groundwork I’ve laid, along with the efforts of so many esteemed colleagues in the U.S and abroad, will ultimately prove to be the basis for a cure.

Over these past five decades, CCF has become an integral part of the support system that improves patients’ lives by providing information, connecting patients and doctors, by building and supporting patient communities and by promoting an environment that encourages further research. In fact, the goal of improving patients’ lives has driven everything we do.

Where do we go from here? Improvements in diagnosis and treatment only happen when research is happening and when information is being widely shared, so our goal is to continue to grow our ability to stimulate research and expand our presence.  Research doesn’t happen without awareness and education. We have 50 years of proving that belief and we will continue to drive toward a world where everyone knows about carcinoid and NETs.

As I wrote at the start of this letter, CCF was created by people like you, people whose lives have been touched by carcinoid/neuroendocrine cancers. It has grown over five decades and become an international force in empowering patients and doctors. Our work is improving lives. Our work is saving lives.

But our work is far from done. I ask you today, as we approach our 50th anniversary, to make it possible for our progress to continue by making or renewing your financial support of the Foundation.

Thank you!


Richard R.P. Warner, MD
Founder and Co-Medical Director


To make a donation by mail, please send to:
The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation
333 Mamaroneck Avenue #492 | White Plains, NY | 10605

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