New Guide on High-Grade Neuroendocrine Cancers

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with high-grade neuroendocrine cancer?  There’s a new guide for patients and caregivers, just released by the Healing NET Foundation in observance of NET Cancer Awareness Day, November 10, 2021.  Healing NET worked with medical experts, patients, and caregivers to create High-Grade Neuroendocrine Cancers: A Guide for Patients and Caregivers. The publication specifically addresses ways to meet the challenge of a high-grade neuroendocrine cancer diagnosis.

High Grade Neuroendocrine Cancers Guide, Healing NET Foundation 2021_cover and interior_2

This free guide covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • Choosing a physician
  • Getting a thorough assessment (grading, staging, testing for mutations)
  • Getting the right treatment (treatment approaches for neuroendocrine carcinoma, for Grade 3 well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumors, beneficial care for all high-grade patients)
  • Figuring out who is on your team
  • Paying for cancer care
  • End of life planning

CLICK HERE to order a print copy of the guide or to download the PDF.

The guide was written and edited by Susan Meckler Plummer, RN, dedicated to her late husband, Larry Sylvan; Bill Snyder; and the Healing NET Foundation, Margaret Bean, Cindy Lovelace, and Eric Liu, MD, FACS. The guide is also dedicated  to the late Craig A. Cook, by his daughter Natalie Eckdahl. Several NET expert physicians also contributed to the publication. Support for the guide was made possible by Susan Meckler Plummer, who received the Monica Warner Award from Novartis Oncology and dedicated the award funds to this project, and Natalie Eckdahl and her family, who created the Craig A. Cook Memorial Fund in honor of her father.

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