Detectnet (copper Cu 64 dotatate injection) Now Included in NCCN Guidelines® for Neuroendocrine Tumors

The newest FDA-approved PET imaging agent for neuroendocrine tumors — DetectnetTM (copper Cu 64 Dotate injection) — is now included in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network ® (NCCN) Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology – Neuroendocrine and Adrenal Tumors, version 1.2021. The announcement was made by RadioMedix Inc. and its commercial partner, Curium, on May 5. Detectnet is a positron emission tomography (PET) agent indicated for the localization of somatostatin receptor positive neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) in adults.

NCCN Guidelines, Neuroendocrine and Adrenal Tumors_2

This information follows the recent news that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has simplified the coding for Detectnet. Effective April 1, 2021, all sites of care will use code A9592 to submit for reimbursement for all patients. While Transitional Pass-Through Status remains in effect for Detectnet, C9068 was replaced with A9592 beginning April 1, 2021.Detectnet logo_2“We are grateful that the NCCN acted quickly to include Detectnet in their Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology – Neuroendocrine and Adrenal Tumors,” said Curium Vice President of Marketing, North America, Michael Patterson. “Our unique manufacturing and distribution capabilities allow us to provide a reliable supply of Detectnet to physicians and imaging centers serving neuroendocrine patients regardless of geography.”RadioMedix & Curium logos“Neuroendocrine cancer continues to be an area of research for RadioMedix,” said Ebrahim Delpassand, MD, CEO of RadioMedix. “The Phase III results demonstrate the high sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of Detectnet. Further, the 12.7 hour half-life of Detectnet enables it to be produced centrally and shipped to sites throughout the U.S, which is particularly important as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. We are pleased the NCCN members have updated their Clinical Practice Guidelines to reflect the important clinical utility of Detectnet.”

The Neuroendocrine and Adrenal Tumors guidelines from the NCCN, version 1.2021, can be accessed here,  The guidelines for oncologists can be downloaded by setting up a free account.  The link also includes Neuroendocrine Tumors, Guidelines for Patients, a patient-friendly version of the oncologists’ version. Because the patient guidelines were published in 2018, the most up-to-date information is available through the version for physicians.




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