Please Help Pass a Bill That Could Result in Earlier Diagnosis for Neuroendocrine Cancer Patients

NET patients, friends and families – we need your help! Greta Stifel, founder of the Stifle Cancer Foundation, NET patient thriver, advocate and political activist, has created and submitted to the State of Connecticut Public Health Committee, Bill HB 6522. The Public Health Committee will hold a public hearing about the bill on Monday, February 25, 2019. The bill has the potential to raise greater awareness about neuroendocrine cancer and to possibly result in earlier, proper diagnosis of NET patients.

And passing in Connecticut could create a ripple effect to other states. The bill is an act concerning continuing medical education and would require education in “screening for gastrointestinal cancers, including colon, gastric, pancreatic and neuroendocrine cancers and other rare gastrointestinal tumors.” We encourage anyone interested in this important bill to submit an email of support by Sunday, February 24 at 2:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time about how early detection could have made a big difference for you. Send to with a CC to If you’re a CT resident then we encourage you to contact your state legislator and stress the importance of approving this bill.

Please attach your testimony in a Word document or PDF to your email.  If you prefer, Greta Stifel can do that for you if you copy her on your email to the Connecticut government.  Either would be perfect!

Testimony is welcomed and appreciated if you live in Connecticut, throughout the United States, and everywhere in the world.  We are a united community; let’s present a united voice to bring about change for neuroendocrine cancer patients.

Here’s a letter from Speaker of the House, Joe Aresimowicz, explaining more about the bill:



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