NET Community Bicycle Raffle Recipients

In conjunction with Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day, November 10, the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation and Advanced Accelerator Applications are very excited to announce recipients of the recent Bicycle Giveaway Raffle.

Stefano Buono, CEO of Advanced Accelerator Applications, said, “AAA is honored to sponsor the CCF children’s bicycle raffle. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring a little joy to families facing the challenge of neuroendocrine cancer. Our team was deeply touched by the heartwarming stories and pictures shared by the contestants and we hope that the children receiving the bikes have many fun adventures!”

Keith Warner, CEO of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, added, ““NET cancer affects not only the person with the diagnosis but entire families.  It is our pleasure to do something special for children in this situation – especially if they have been diagnosed themselves.”

Stefano Buono, CEO of Advanced Accelerator Applications (left) and Keith Warner, CEO of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (right)

Among the recipients of the 20” frame bicycles – sized for children ages 7 to 9 – are:

  • Sky was 9 when her family found out she had off-the-chart hypertension. Later, they learned the cause was a neuroendocrine tumor or NET. The past 5 years have been filled with poking and prodding by medical professionals and symptoms that include headaches, insomnia, fatigue, almost constant nausea, pains, and emotional ups-and-downs. “Still there is hope and laughter!” says Sky’s grandmother.  When she feels well Sky takes great pleasure in doing activities with her younger cousin, Zahara.  Her wish was to give a bicycle to Zahara, creating a special memory they will always hold dear as cousins.


  • Watching his dad fight cancer has been rough for Soren, especially when his father leaves the country for treatment. But there have been fun times too. Some of Soren’s best friends have helped to fund his dad’s treatments, including running lemonade stands. Despite his fears about his dad’s health, Soren is “thankful that amazing things have happened that have made my dad smile.” Soren said he hoped to win a bicycle so he could share it with his friends.


  • Six-year-old Jack had too little time with his grandmother who passed away from NET cancer three years ago. He loved her very much. On a recent bike ride with his mom and stepbrother, he stopped to pick a “wish flower” (dandelion), closed his eyes, blew the seeds, and whispered, “I wish you could come back, Grandma.” Jack recently gave up his training wheels and is ready for a bike for a seven-year-old.  He will create new memories riding his new bike.


From all of us at CCF and AAA, we express our appreciation to the NET community for sharing the information about the raffle and congratulate all who will be receiving bicycles.  We hope you enjoy many wonderful rides with your friends and family!

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