Nutrition for Neuroendocrine Tumors and Carcinoid Syndrome: Find Foods You Love!

Are you wondering what are the best foods to eat if you have carcinoid syndrome?  What changes should you make to your diet if you have neuroendocrine tumors? The neuroendocrine tumor (NET) community is invited to attend a national webcast on Wednesday, October 18 featuring nutritionist Leigh Anne Burns, who has extensive experience working with NET patients.  The free webcast will begin at 7 pm EST, 6 pm CST, 5 pm MST, and 4 pm PST.  This presentation, sponsored by Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, is part of a special series of webcasts designed to give patients living with neuroendocrine tumors direct access to thought leaders in the NET community.

The 45-minute webcast will include a presentation as well as a question-and-answer session where Ms. Burns will address audience questions.  You will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance of the program, to be considered for discussion. This national broadcast will be streamed over the Internet and can be viewed from your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Leigh Anne Burns, MS, LDN, RD, has practiced medical nutritional therapy for over 20 years, the last 25 at LSU in Louisiana.  A specialist in the area of nutrition support, she has dedicated much of her career to cancer prevention and early detection.  She teaches medical students, residents, and fellows various areas of nutrition and participates in both research and patient care in the area of oncology and cancer prevention. She has specialized in the clinical practice care of oncology patients for more than fifteen years, spending much of of her time caring for patients with neuroendocrine tumors and carcinoid syndrome.

To register and submit questions for the webcast presentation, click here.  Advance registration is required for log in.


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