The Project Zebra Report: Real-World Insights from the Carcinoid and NET Patient Community

In honor of Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day, we are pleased to release the first ever Project Zebra Report: Real-World Insights from the Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Patient Community, a collaboration between our partner Self Care Catalysts and the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation.



The goal of this report is to help increase awareness and knowledge about what it is like to live with these rare diseases. For the carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumor (NET) community, this is a tribute to your experience and resilience. There is much more to your journey as a person living with carcinoid and NET cancer, than what is commonly understood through medical literature and research about what it means to be a patient. The daily challenges—both physical and psychological—that you live with might often go unnoticed and misunderstood, so this is a testament to your ongoing perseverance beyond what is visible on the surface.

Project Zebra would not have been possible without the support from over 200 individuals who participated in sharing their stories and experiences with carcinoid and NET cancer using the Carcinoid NETs Health Storylines app. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to amplify your voice so that others can understand your extraordinary journey.




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