Smart Patients Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Community — Join the Conversation

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation is excited to announce a new online community for carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumor (NET) patients, their families and friends. We are partnering with Smart Patients to build this community and hope that combining CCF’s experience educating patients about carcinoid and NET cancers with Smart Patients’ experience with online peer support will result in more patients getting information they need even faster. Join Smart Patients, ask a question, and support others who can learn from you.

Smart Patients Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Community

What kinds of issues are being addressed in the Smart Patients Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Community? People are talking about what they wish they knew when they were first diagnosed, how to find a doctor who specializes in treating carcinoid/NETs, treatments and side effects, being a caregiver, and many other important topics about which members of the community can help each other.

Smart Patient quote

One of the unique aspects of Smart Patients is cross-community communication. For example, if a medication is taken by patients in more than one community, patients in different communities can learn about the experiences all patients are having with the medication. There are over 65 communities in Smart Patients, click here for a list.

Members of Smart Patients can also access an extensive database on clinical trials. It’s easy to follow any discussion of interest, as well as the newest information about clinical trials. Notifications of new postings will be sent directly to the email address with which you register. A video tutorial will help you get started with Smart Patients quickly.

Smart Patients was founded by Gilles Frydman (pictured below, right) and Roni Zeiger (pictured below, left). Gilles has been a pioneer of online health communities since he founded ACOR (the Association of Cancer Online Resources) in 1995. Roni is the former Chief Health Strategist at Google, is a part-time urgent care doctor, and has been building health software for the past 10 years.

Smart Patients Co-Founders, Roni Zeiger and Gilles Frydman

Sign up for the Smart Patients Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Community today and join the conversation! 

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