Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day, November 10, 2013

Name Your NET Hero, a global webinar, a bridge striped in alternating patterns of purple Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day, November 10, 2013and white lights, walks, conferences, and more are some of the many ways people around the globe are participating in the 4th annual Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day on Sunday, November 10, 2013.

Please visit the NET Cancer Day website to learn more about Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day and pledge your support to raise awareness of neuroendocrine cancers around the world!

Name Your NET Hero

Everyone has a hero – a person whose support, faith and positive energy are crucial in one’s journey through life. We all need a shoulder to lean on.
Name Your NET Hero for Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day, November 10
Name Your NET Hero to mark Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day, November 10th. Send in a photo of your NET Hero, and a line or two describing why he or she is your hero. Be it your doctor, nurse, spouse, friend, partner, colleague, etc., or all of them, bring these people to the spotlight, make their names and faces recognized on a global scale!

Many people around the world have NET cancer as part of their lives. Their stories with the disease make them heroes. Let’s bring our NET heroes from around the world together on the NET Cancer Day Facebook page and the NET Cancer Day website.

Here’s how to participate: Upload your photo on the NET Cancer Day Facebook page,, and post a comment describing your hero.

NOTE: It is very important that you include #NETHero in your comment (use the # sign followed directly by the words NETHero with no spaces). This will ‘tag’ your photo and send it through to the special NET Hero page on the NET Cancer Day website. You can view all of the NET Heroes on the website,

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation’s NET Hero

Our #NETHero is Dr. Richard R.P. Warner, an internationally recognized Richard R.P. Richard R.P. Warner, MDWarner, MDcarcinoid/NET specialist, Medical Director of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation and Director of the Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumors Center at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. For over 50 years Dr. Warner has dedicated his life to helping carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumor patients live longer and with the best possible quality of life. He has touched the lives of tens of thousands, both patients and their loved ones. His extraordinary compassion, extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment continue to provide countless patients and their families with the most important ingredient for their well-being, HOPE!

Dr. Warner is our hero and a hero to people across the globe!

NET Cancer Day Webinar

In recognition of Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day on November 10, NorCal CarciNet is hosting a one-hour, free webinar. Here’s a great opportunity to hear from 3 of the leading specialists in carcinoid/NET cancer treatment on NET CANCER DAY: Professor Dr. Richard P. Baum, Bad Berka, Germany; Dr. Eric Liu, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee; and Dr. Thomas O’Dorisio, University of Iowa. The webinar will be moderated by Josh Mailman, President of NorCal CarciNET and Chair of Patient Advocacy for the Society of Nuclear Medicine, and Bill Claxton, founder of CNETS Singapore.
NET Cancer Day Webinar 2013 NorCal CarciNET
To reach as wide an audience as possible, the webinar will start at 7 am Pacific Time. Space is limited to 500 viewers/participants with dial in for up to 150 people with local non-toll-free numbers in 23 countries for those who will not be at a computer and would like to listen to the webinar.

US Governors Support NET Cancer Awareness Day

41* United States governors have issued proclamations and letters of support for NET Awareness Cancer Day, recognizing the importance of early detection and proper treatment leading to improved outcomes and a better quality of life for carcinoid/NET cancer patients!!

US Governors Supporting NET Cancer Awareness Day 2013

*Post updated on November 9, 2013 with new proclamations

Minnesota Bridge Wears Zebra Stripes

Minnesota Bridge Zebra Stripes_2

Here is one of the many creative ways (and one of the most striking!) that NET Cancer Day is being observed around the world. Striped in an alternating pattern of purple and white lights, the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is helping raise awareness of NET cancers. Thank you to all in Northwood NETS, the Minnesota Carcinoid & Neuroendocrine Cancer Support group.

Run for the Stripes

Now in its second year, Run for The Stripes raises awareness for neuroendocrine cancers and funds for NET research at the University of Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center.  The run/walk will be held on Saturday, November 9 at the Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania.   Runners, walkers, and spectators are all invited!! Jan Eisner is the Race Director.  Click here for more information.

Race for NETs 2012

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