Clinical Trials Resources for Carcinoid Cancer & Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients

Carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumor patients can have the latest information about clinical trials delivered directly to their computers – by RSS feed or e-mail.  Go to, in the search field enter the type of trial you are seeking (i.e. carcinoid, neuroendocrine tumor, carcinoid syndrome), view the results, and then choose to receive the information by RSS feed or e-mail. You can also choose to receive updates by Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, and Facebook Wall Posts.

You will be able to see which trials are recruiting, which are active but not recruiting, and which have been completed.  The title of each trial links to a page giving detailed information about the trial. “is designed to complement the authoritative Clinical Trials database maintained by the NIH and the National Library of Medicine at the site.”

For an outstanding video, “Neuroendocrine Tumor Clinical Trials: Questions and Answers.” This video features moderator Kari Brendtro, Executive Director of the North American Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (NANETS); carcinoid/neuroendocrine tumor specialists James Yao, MD of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and Matthew Kulke, MD of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts; and Robin Sommers, RN, MSN, NP of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  Questions as wide ranging as “What are clinical trials and why are they especially important for neuroendocrine tumor patients?” to “What is the role of the FDA in clinical trials?” to “What are the questions I need to ask about participating in a trial?” are answered for carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancer patients.

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