Acts of Kindness for Carcinoid Patients, Family and Friends

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation recommends a wonderfully inspiring book by Cami Walker entitled 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life.   Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis one month after her wedding, at the age of 33, Ms. Walker was given an “uncommon prescription” during a particularly bleak time in her life: give away 29 gifts in 29 days.  Find out how these gifts changed the lives of the recipients as well as Ms. Walker’s life. Read more at

You can also visit,, where their motto is  “Kindness is contagious.” You can anonymously make someone smile with an act of kindness, leaving behind a card asking others to keep the ripple going. It’s easy and fun.

Please share your suggestions for acts of kindness in the “Leave a Comment” section of this blog.

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