N.E.T. Hopefuls

Palm trees

Our Central Florida group believes education is the key for dealing with carcinoid cancer. We are here to support each other and share our experiences and information.  This is a non- denominational group and family members and medical professionals are welcome.

The final meeting of this support group will be November 13, 2019 at Hope Lutheran Church.  Group leader Wanda Probst thanks all members for their support over the 4 years of the group’s existence but significantly diminishing membership is causing the group to end its existence.  Wanda welcomes another member of the NET community to take over leadership of the group and to rebuild the membership.  Please reach out to Wanda or the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation  if you are interested in becoming the group leader for N.E.T. Hopefuls — it’s a wonderful opportunity to help others and to serve the NET community!


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Hope Lutheran Church
250 Avenida Los Angelos
The Villages, FL 32162

Contact: Wanda Probst
Tel: 352-245-8095