Sunitinib paves the way for targeted therapies in neuroendocrine tumors

Raymond E, Faivre S, Hammel P, Ruszniewski P

Department of Medical Oncology and Gastroenterology,
Beaujon University Hospital, Clichy, France,

Targeted Oncology . 2009; 4: 253-254

Abstract: Sunitinib demonstrating efficacy in pancreatic islet cell carcinomas will pave the way for further trials in other neuroendocrine tumor types such as carcinoid, poorly differentiated neuroendocrine disease, and several other endocrine tumors that are dependent on VEGF/VEGFR for angiogenesis. In addition, other drugs with distinct mechanisms of action, such as mTOR inhibitors, currently investigated in phase III trials, may also supply novel options in those diseases to control tumor growth and metastasis.

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