Carcinoid Tumors: Molecular genetics, tumor biology, and update of diagnosis and treatment

Article by Oberg Kjell M.D.
Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University Hospital,
Uppsala, Sweden.

Current Opinion Oncology. 2002 Jan; 14(1): 38-45

“Chromogranin A is an important general tumor marker for all types of carcinoid tumors. Somatostatin receptor scintigraphy is a cornerstone in staging and localization of carcinoid tumors, but newer techniques such as positron emission tomography will challenge its position in the future. Although surgical cure is not obtainable, a more aggressive surgery has emerged during the last decade. Debulking and other cytoreductive procedures are quite common today. Somatostatin analogues have been the treatment of choice in symptomatic patients with carcinoid tumors, but more recent studies have indicated a cytostatic effect of somatostatin analogues. Tumor-targeted radioactive treatment based on somatostatin analogues is now under clinical evaluation. Preliminary data indicate interesting clinical potentials.”

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