The following national and international renowned carcinoid/NET specialists are available to discuss and share their experiences with diagnostic, treatment and surveillance options and procedures for rare neuroendocrine cancers. Many of these specialists have up to forty years experience in managing these orphan diseases: Drs. Lowell Anthony, Kjell Oberg, Thomas O’Dorisio, Rodney Pommier, Manisha Shah, Michael Soulen, Aaron Vinik, Richard Warner, Bertram Wiedenmann, Eugene Woltering, and James Yao.

The physician groups that ACOR hosts are “private” lists. This means that the existence of this Listserv will not be advertised on the ACOR website, and new members can only be added to the Listserv by one of the managers. We invite your suggestions for ways to inform others about the existence of this mailing list. We anticipate that the participants will include both your colleagues with carcinoid expertise and other healthcare practitioners needing information to treat carcinoid patients.

The managers of this List are Linda Silversmith (NIH-science writer and spouse of a carcinoid patient); Mary Rahrick, MD (pediatrician and carcinoid patient), and Pam Powell (carcinoid patient and Florida support group leader).

  • Carcinoid-Dr Listserv (For healthcare professionals only)We are pleased to announce that the Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR) is now hosting a Listserv called Carcinoid-Dr.  This Listserv was activated in February 2006.Members of this Listserv communicate with each other by sending e-mails to the Listserv, which then distributes the messages to all other members.Membership in this Listserv is limited to healthcare professionals.  Any healthcare professional who wishes to subscribe should send an e-mail to: and describe their professional credentials and their reasons for joining, and provide their office address and phone number.
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