Show Your Stripes: Support Carcinoid/NET Awareness



Carcinoid ribbon car magnets

Magnets $3.00 each.
Prices include shipping and handling Checks are made payable to CCI and mailed to:

c/o Judy Felix
16 Covington Dr
Milford, CT   06461

Please be sure to include the quantity ordered and the ship to address with your payment. For further information:

Carcinoid bracelets, stuffed animal zebras, and more

Bracelets: $2.50 each

Stuffed animal zebras: $8.00 each

NET Cancer Awareness: Pins are $3.00 each, Hats are $15.00 each, Sweatshirts (Sweatshirts $32.00, Hat & Sweatshirt $42)

CCAN'S Zippered Tote bags: $10.00

Shipping and handling are included in the above prices.

If you belong to a support group please ask your leaders to contact CCAN regarding bulk prices.

Payment may be with checks payable to Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network, Inc. or CCAN, Inc., or by credit card.

For more information, visit their website at

Maryann Wahmann
Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network, Inc. (CCAN)
2480 Hull Avenue
North Bellmore, NY 11710
(866) 850-9555


Black and white striped zebra pin (single black and single white stripe)

Pin:  $2.50


Jim Weiveris, NJ Carcinoid Network



Zebra pins (actual zebra)

Wm Spear Design
174 South Franklin, #201
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 586-2209

Zebra pins are $14.00, plus $3.00 shipping and handling, for quantities under 50. 

For quantity discounts or for further information, please call.