Carcinoid Cancer Foundation Releases New Video Series Beginning with “The ABC’s of Carcinoid/NETs”

What is the most common kind of neuroendocrine tumor (NET)?  How do these tumors grow?  What is carcinoid syndrome?  What are the quality of life issues for patients?  In “The ABC’s of Carcinoid/NETs,” three of the world’s leading carcinoid and NET cancer specialists — Dr. Richard R.P. Warner, Dr. Edward M. Wolin, and Dr. Eugene A. Woltering  — talk about the advice they offer their patients, the advances they have seen during their careers, and what they anticipate will be available for NET patients in the future.

If you or a loved one were newly diagnosed with carcinoid cancer or another neuroendocrine tumor, such as a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor (pNET), what would you want to know about these rare diseases?  What information would you like to share with your local doctor?  Learn more in the first video of a new series presented by the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation. (Click on the words YouTube on the bottom right below to see the video in a larger format.)

These videos, made possible by the generosity of Kim, Heather and Lauren Simpson and other family and friends, has been created “In loving memory of Cheryl Stanley Simpson of Gainesville, Florida.  Cheryl was a loving and incredible wife, mother, sister, daughter, teacher and friend.  May her courage and dignity in fighting carcinoid cancer and this program help save the life of someone else in her memory.”

Carcinoid Cancer Foundation Video Series

Cheryl Stanley Simpson

Throughout this unique series the focus is on topics of importance to the carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumor community including surgery and treatment options, lung carcinoid, nutrition, and living well with NET cancer.  Additional videos in the series will be released throughout the remainder of 2012.

Awareness and education are the first critical components in the fight against carcinoid and NET cancers.  Early detection and diagnosis can both enhance the quality of patients’ lives and extend their lives.  The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation is dedicated to bringing about this awareness as advocates for all who are currently living with carcinoid and related neuroendocrine tumors, their families, and those yet to be diagnosed. We are honored to be of service to this community and hope that our efforts continue to make a difference in your lives.

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  • William Oberdorster

    Video does not work on this web site for “The ABC’s of Carcinoid/NETs”! Please advise. I really want to know more about my disease.

  • Hi William, please try again by clicking on the arrow in the box above with the title slide or double click on the words YouTube in the bottom right of the box and that will enable you to see the video on our YouTube channel. I just tried it and it seems to be okay. Here’s a link to the YouTube page too: When the video begins it is with text and the audio comes in at the 0:19 mark. Hope this helps!

    • William Oberdorster

      That worked, thank you for your quick response it is much appreciated!


      Naples, FL

  • You are most welcome, Bill!

  • We just returned from treatment in Germany with Dr. Richard Baum, Zentralklinik Bad Berka Germany. My husband, Richard Spille has been in Dr. Baum’s program since March 2010. When we went to Germany, Richard Spille’s, U.S. medical doctors had given him a three month life expectancy. We had exhausted all of the U.S. treatments. We are so happy we tried the PRRNT treatment. Richard has had little to no side effects and his life has been extended with an excellent quality. Please make sure US patients know of this option. Our insurance is paying and for that we are grateful also. Dr. Baum has treated my husband with great care and has skillfully practiced the art of medicine. We know this exact procedure is not done in the US. The PRRNT has definitely worked for Richard Spille and we recommend the treatment to anyone with Carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas as my husband has. Contact us at 865-607-2152 or the below email for further information.

  • Seprenia, thank you so much for sharing about your husband’s treatment at Bad Berka with Dr. Baum. We are hoping that PRRT will be approved in the United States by the FDA. There is currently a clinical trial of PRRT in Texas of Lutetieum-177 (LU-177) with Octreotate. Please see our blog about this here:

    You are extremely generous to offer to speak with NET patients who are considering PRRT in Germany. It is wonderful knowing that your husband has had such excellent results. As your email address is not showing up in your post, we hope it is okay that we are including it here: With all best wishes for you and your husband, The CCF Team

  • Excellent introduction. I have been a caregiver for the last six years, and I still learned from the video.