Dr. Oz TV Show to Include Carcinoid Cancer

“How much do you know about stomach cancer” will air on The Dr. Oz Show on Thursday, January 5, 2012.  And a carcinoid cancer patient is included in the episode!Dr. Mehmet Oz to discuss carcinoid cancer in stomach cancer episode of The Dr. Oz Show

In the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area the show is on Fox 5 TV and airs at 4 pm.  Click here to visit The Dr. Oz Show website to see the list of episodes for the week.  You can find the station and air time for the show based on where you live.  Please note there is a possibility dates for episodes will change so check again on January 5th!

Dr. Oz is professor of surgery at Columbia University. He directs the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York–Presbyterian Hospital. Complementary medicine, healthcare policy, and heart replacement surgery are among his research interests. Dr. Oz appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show for five seasons.   He is the author of over 400 original publications, book chapters and medical books and has received several patents.

What’s Your Risk for Stomach Cancer?  Click here to see the video.

Thank you, Dr. Oz, for helping to bring about greater awareness of carcinoid and NET cancer!!

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  • nancy brownlee

    Raising awareness of Carcinoid cancer can only be a good thing- but Mehmet Oz’s unfortunate penchant for “alternative” quackery and blatant self-promotion makes me wish that this awareness raising was associated more with science and less (much, MUCH less) with showmanship. I would be happier with the Foundation if it refused to promote this jerk.

  • Kathleen Reeder

    I have Neuro-Endochrine cancer and want any guidance and medical support I can get. Tumors in the liver, possible a tumor at the head of the pancreas. I am 54 years old. I had cervical cancer in 1998. PET scan in 2009 indicated cancer free, PET scan in MAY 2011 glowed. 2 spots in lung, no indication that they are cancerous. 1 small spot in brain, indicates a smaill bleed and not cancer.


  • Sue

    I went to the hospital for a mini stroke. they found carcinoid cancer in my left lung in September 2010. I am now cancer free. I would like to start a running program for a 5K. My daughter runs 5K’s all the time and I would like to run with her instead of watching her on the sideline. Any suggestions? My 2012 goal is to run a 5K in August for the epilepsy run and the American lung in Sept.

  • Lisa Lambert

    I am the carcinoid cancer patient that was on Dr. Oz. It was a great experience. Just wish I could have spoken more about carcinoid.

    • Sue

      I watched the show……never miss an episode. I would have loved to hear you talk more to the public about your cancer. Thanks for getting back to me.

  • Pam

    Very disppointed….nowhere was Lisa’s carcinoid mentioned…….

  • Pat Allen

    I’m disappointed that the Oz Show lead folks to believe that carcinoid cancer is the same thing as stomach cancer. It isn’t. I thought Dr. Oz was all about the facts but apparently not.

  • dianne

    My husband died of carcinoid cancer that had matasized to his liver. When he was diagnosed I was told it was to late to do anything and it did not matter when it orginated since it was inoperable .it took a few years before he was diagnosed.I was told it was very rare,

  • Hi Dianne, we’re so sorry to learn about your husband. Sadly, many carcinoid patients are not properly diagnosed until the cancer has metastasized. That’s why the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation is working so hard to bring about greater awareness and education of carcinoid and related neuroendocrine cancers — so that patients will be diagnosed more quickly, enhancing their quality of life and extending their lives.