Zebra Medical ID Bracelets and Chains for Carcinoid & Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients

Consider the situation – you have carcinoid or another neuroendocrine cancer and you have a medical emergency, perhaps you go into carcinoid crisis or you can’t speak.  A medical ID bracelet or charm may save your life.  And now you can buy one that is engraved with a zebra head and the words carcinoid cancer.  Medical ID jewelry is available through www.barkingzebra.net, Lifesavers.

Many carcinoid patients also keep a flash drive on a keychain with all of their medical information and instructions about how they should be handled in a crisis situation.  Information about looking for your flash drive can also be engraved on a medical ID bracelet or charm.

MedicAlert, http://www.medicalert.org, is another source for medical ID jewelry. MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing 24-hour emergency medical information and identification service.

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  • traci

    my family recently loss my brother right after he celabrated his 41st birthday. we r wanting to spread more awarenesss to friends and family. we need to get some of the zebra striped braclets for family and friends. my brother was from a very large family. can u please help us get more braclets. he gad only 3 neices those young ladys birthday is carcinoid cancer awareness day. we r now faced with my mother being diagnosed with this same cancer. we really need to make this cancer very known to other familys not to suffer. my brother had it for 14 years before diagnoses living 22 years with cancer. any help is greatly appreiated.

  • Jennifer Pettit

    Dear Traci, Sorry for the loss of your brother. I too, have a family member that lost the same battle, as do I have carcinoid also. Please contact me to chat?

  • Julie Thompson

    Traci, are you saying that your brother had carcinoid for 14 years BEFORE he was diagnosed and then had it an additional 22 (or a total of 22?)?! I know that my husband had a colorectal carcinoid tumor for years before he was diagnosed, but no one can say for how long. He is 9 years out since his diagnosis of metastatic carcinoid. He has 18 tumors in both lobes of his liver and a “spot” on his lung. I would love to hear more of your brothers’ story and share any information that I have with you (which honestly, is probably pretty small).
    Julie Thompson