Sandostatin Nurse Home Injection Program for Carcinoid Syndrome Patients

If you are a carcinoid patient who needs Sandostatin® LAR Depot injections, you may be eligible for the Sandostatin Nurse Home Injection Program.  This program helps alleviate the stress of driving to a doctor’s office (or finding one where you live or while on vacation), and spending time in a doctor’s or hospital’s waiting room.  This is particularly valuable when you’re dealing with diarrhea and flushing, symptoms associated with carcinoid syndrome.  Specially trained nurses for the program are available weekdays and outside of traditional office hours, including evenings and weekends.

The registered nurses who participate in the program will administer the shot, be able to answer your treatment-related questions, and will also give your doctor a report after each visit.

How does the program work?  First print out the enrollment form,, and bring it to your doctor.  Next, find out from your doctor if you are a candidate for the home injection program and then check if you are eligible,  Your eligibility will be verified by BioScrip, the administrator of the program.  If you are eligible, BioScrip will contact you to schedule your next injection and a specially trained nurse will be assigned to you.

Most commercial insurance plans are covered.  Resident of all states except Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, and Rhode Island can participate.  Patients with government-provided medical insurance such as Medicare Part B or D or Medicaid are not currently eligible.

For more information about the program visit Novartis Oncology’s Sandostatin website by clicking here:

If you have any questions, you can visit the website above or call 1-888-LAR-4759 (1-888-527-4759) and speak with a representative at BioScrip®, the Program administrator.

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